Kyrie Irving: ‘Our No. 1 Goal is to Make the Playoffs This Year’

With NBA training camp officially underway this week, we’ll have plenty of quotes via the Interwebs from Cavaliers players. Today’s hottest quote comes from reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving, who obviously feels confident in the team’s ability for 2012-13:

“I have high hopes for us. Obviously our No. 1 goal is to make the playoffs this year and we’re definitely going to attain that as long as we continue to get better and as long as we compete every single night. Last year, like I said, we had a few limitations but when we were playing those good teams, especially in the second half of the season not having the pieces we needed to compete every single night with the best, it definitely hurt us but this season we added some new pieces and I feel like everybody is definitely taking that next step and getting better as a pro. I’m really excited to get the thing started. I’m healthy, Andy is healthy, Dion (Waiters) is healthy so I’m just happy to see where this thing can go.”

This quote comes from his interview today on WKNR and was transcribed by our weekend buddy Ben Cox over at Fear The Sword. Congrats to Ben on the new gig over the there, and check out the rest of his post for a ridiculous continued quote from Kyrie on Luke Walton’s impact.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Best of luck Kyrie you are the captain of the ship so you’ll lead the way. I see a much more athletic team but one entirely to young to be thinking playoffs. I think this season is a learning one and next year is the year to look at but hey as I’ve said before I hope I’m wrong. In a good way.

  • Jay

    Obviously Kyrie has no clue who Luke Walton is right?