Grossi: Browns should “spread out” on offense

Tony Grossi has been a different guy since jumping over to WKNR. I’ve said it a few times. I also said Pat Shurmur looked like a different guy before he shrunk back into the ugly cocoon of negativity and churlishness once the Browns sale was announced. I digress.

Grossi seems to be enjoying his freedom from the Plain Dealer. Even if you still don’t like the Browns’ most tenured beat reporter, I think he nailed his post today about what he would do if he was Browns coach.

The plodding, 1980s-era fullback-tailback run game is not working here. It’s not only not working, it is deflating everybody. Richardson spends too much time running up the ankles of fullback Owen Marecic or guards Jason Pinkston and Shawn Lauvao. He needs room. They get in his way.

The Browns have to spread out defenses with their formation. The NFL likes to think it invents every new trend in the game. Sorry. The college game is far ahead on the offensive side. That’s why Bill Belichick visited Urban Meyer at Florida for so many years – to get a leg up on his NFL rivals.

I recommend the whole post. It seems spot on to me. The Browns have some weapons now, and a few scheme adjustments would seemingly benefit the team greatly. Not to pile on Owen Marecic, but his presence on the field usually indicates an obvious run. His inability to punish anyone by catching the ball out of the backfield makes him even more one-dimensional.

It kind of reminds me of all those running plays last year where Alex Smith went in motion the exact same way probably 10 times per game. At least he caught the ball some.

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