Game 5, Browns @ Giants OPEN THREAD

The last time the Cleveland Browns faced the New York football Giants, it was a Monday night, the Giants were the defending Super Bowl champs and the Browns were starting some guy named Derek Anderson. It was magical.

Oh, Derek Anderson, I miss you.

While the Giants are again defending Super Bowl champs, the Browns are starting a different rifle-armed QB and rather than hosting the Giants, the Browns traveled to New York City1.

It’s hard to feel confident of the Browns chances heading into this game. The Browns are 0-4 and traveling to face the Super Bowl champs (who are just 2-2 and need a win). However, the Giants are notorious for overlooking and playing down to their opponents (especially at home) and they could be without a couple of their top receivers.

This is your open thread.

Go Browns!

  1. where everyone is your friend []

  • cmm13

    Not sure how you could miss Derek Anderson Ben, he plays every week in a Brandon Weeden jersey from what I’ve seen.
    After this game it is also clear to me the receiving group should be Gordon, Benjamin and Norwood.
    Cut Little and MoMass.

  • SDA

    well its time to start thinking no.1 pick again

  • SDA

    can we pick a coach? or a wide receiver