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Contest Time: Win a Metcalf shirt from GV Art and Design

The guys at GV Art and Design are at it again. This time they have teamed up with former Brown Eric Metcalf on a really cool design.

The former Texas Longhorn spent six seasons with the Browns. There are likely two things you remember about Metcalf. One is former coach Bill Belichick running the diminutive back into the middle of the line, and the most important is the two punt return touchdown game against the Steelers.

So here’s today’s contest-

To enter simply leave a comment on this post telling us which individual Cleveland Browns WIN is your favorite and why. Maybe it was a game you went to. Perhaps it was an individual performance you’ll never forget.

Make sure the account you leave your comment on has a legit email address. Only one entry per household please.

Good luck!

  • Andy Ski

    I’ll go with our 33-13 shellacking of the Steelers in Pittsburgh, in primetime, October 5, 2003. My then-girlfriend, now-wife and I were driving across the country as we moved from Ohio to Los Angeles, and we checked into a little motel room in Grants, New Mexico, just in time to watch the game on ESPN.

    Our victory was so exhilarating that my body didn’t know what to do with itself, and my appendix promptly ruptured that night, causing me to require emergency surgery, and forcing us to spend the last six days of our trip (including my girlfriend’s birthday) in a hospital room in Albuquerque.

    It was totally worth it.

  • Dave Chlastosz

    The first win I saw as a fan vs Tampa in 95

  • Connor B

    Hard to choose…I went to all the home games in 1993 with my dad so I was at both the San Francisco Monday night game and the Metcalf 2 kick return game. I have to go with the win over the Squeelers!!!

  • john via philly

    The morning of the ’86 AFC Championship game, my mom let me wear my Browns t-shirt to Sunday School as long as I promised not to do any Browns dog sounds…failed at that and the ending of the game proved to be the first time I used the” F, word in front of my parents! Thinking I was about 8 years old.

  • Derek Wilson

    Dec 16, 2007 Cleveland Browns vs Buffalo Bills

    This was the snow bowl. My brother and I stood the entire game in the upper Dawg Pound as the wind blew sheets of snow across us. By the end of the game we were living solo up there and never had more fun as we watched Phil Dawson kick a field goal the curved more than any other field goal I have ever seen. It must have curved from 10 feet to the right to barely in the left upright. It was the kind of game that defines the Browns as we kept pounding the run and fought for every yard.

  • jakethesnake

    The. Negative a billion degree win on thursday night vs the steelers. Broke a streak…and thats was the epitomy of Cleveland football

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    You are right. I do remember that play. And I do remember MNF using it the next year. Metcalf was amazing in space. I was young so I dont remember every detail I just know the game he took two back on the Steelers was when I started to become a fanatic.