Cleveland Browns Game 5: Winners and Losers

Who caught your eye? Did someone stand out? Who blew it? That’s what were interested in this morning. Winners and losers.

The Browns are 0-5. They have lost 11 in a row going back to last season. But hey, it can’t be all bad right? Right?

LOSER: Joe Haden. Haden sat out his fourth and final game due to suspension. How much would Haden have helped the Browns during these four games are really a mystery. I can’t say for certain they would have won even one of these games. It wouldn’t surprise me if they would have though. We will just never know.

LOSER: Pat Shurmur. Controversial calls aren’t helping Shurmur’s cause. Aside from the 3rd and 1 pass, I still don’t get declining that penalty to set up fourth down. Yes, the ensuing play call worked. It would also have worked for a first down had he taken the penalty. Not to mention it would have only been third down. Puzzling.

WINNER: Trent Richardson. Richardson backed up his talk during the week gaining 81 yards rushing and 54 yards receiving, including a TD. He doesn’t look like a rookie out there. He is among the league leaders in touchdowns scored. He is the first Browns rookie to rush for a TD in four straight games.

WINNER: Josh Gordon. Big game for the young wide out. He only caught 2 passes, but he made the most of those catches. He scored the first two TDs of his career.

Alright. Your turn.

  • Dee P

    Defensive line was the key. They got pushed around too much. Not saying they stink, because we have seen them routinely play well this year, but the Giants offensive line won the day big time, and played a heck of a game.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Rice had a good game what are you talking about? He could have had an even bigger one but for some reason the Ravens are doing their best impression of Air Coryell (sp) this season. Rice didn’t have enough carries this past weekend against KC too.

  • Clown Baby

    Haha, alright Dee P I will ignore my children’s requests next time and tell them to shut up, sit down and prepare for some family bonding. Once again you have defended your title against as #1 Awesomest Browns fan on this site.

  • Dee P

    Not trying to win any title….just responding to a comment on a Cleveland sports site, man. Sorry if I come across that way, not trying to be that way.

  • Jaker

    My favorite post ever

  • mgbode

    yessir. here’s hoping that NYG’s OL is just that good.

    Hughes and Winn did make a couple plays here and there but they just had a very bad day overall.

  • LOSER: Pat Shurmur, Pat Shurmur and Pat Shurmur.

    In 5 games the Browns have a TOTAL of 83 RB rushing attempts. 83!
    I’m shocked no one else has called Shurmur on this. The press is only now asking him about that 3rd and 1 play. They should asking him about calling less than 17 RB rushes per game especially with the defense struggling and Weeden making some bad INTs.
    Why did they draft Richardson 3rd overall if they weren’t going to commit to running the football?

  • Were you watching the game? By that time in the game Trent Richardson was stopped once. He was running through the Giants defense like a hot knife thru butter. And if he doesn’t pick up the 1st down than atleast we couldve gotten another FG and still have some momentum. That was a bad call on Shurmur!!!

  • Jaker

    Shurmur: blehhhhh
    Buster Skrine: no defensive back wants their name mentioned that many times in a game, it can only mean he is continually getting beat
    Haden: please help us beat Cincy
    Defense: if we lose Jackson or Rubin for any time at all, we are in trouble
    Hakeem Nicks: I bet he really wanted to play in that one, he could have made it a bloodbath
    Me: I live in New Jersey and have been looking forward to this one for awhile, not sure why
    Finally, Greg Little: our #1 WR doesn’t catch passes, simple as that

    Gordon: 2 TDs, and his celebration was little to nothing, nuff said
    Richardson: he’s an animal, can’t be tackled
    Norwood: in a game where we had little production at WR, he had 9 catches. Took huge advantage of one of his only opportunities
    OLine: no sacks against a premier pass rush

  • Garry_Owen

    Thanks. Just trying to keep it real. And by “real,” I mean “sarcastically ridiculous.”

  • Garry_Owen

    I’m kind of offended. You’ve never once thanked me!

  • KC

    Loser: Weeden is he really a rookie QB, he’s 29 and lets look at the real rookie QB they seem to be winning some of their games. What Weeden lacks that all QB’s need is leadership qualities. McCoy was blamed last year for the loses but the Brown’s keeep saying we are young rookies. They need to stop using that excuse and look at why they keep losing while teams with first yr. QB’s are winning. I believe it is called LEADERSHIP from the quarterback. Tell Weeden man up and take charge of the team. At least McCoy did that unfortunately he had no players to help him.

  • Pat Shurmur

    I don’t see how I’m a loser. I’ve been told I have until the end of my contract. I’m still a winner!

  • Pat Shurmur

    The fact that Weeden isn’t a winner is the reason I’m starting him! I mean, did you see what Colt McCoy did at Texas? That might actually translate to the NFL! I can’t let that happen!

  • Pat Shurmur

    But I was!

  • steve-o

    I thought Shurnur battled. He needs to work on some things, like a lot of our guys, and that can be addressed, and I’m not going to get into specifics or anything, but I thought he battled really well. I really do.

  • Pat Shurmur

    Haden’s a winner? For that, I’m putting him on the trade block.

  • Pat Shurmur

    Everything’s going according to plan.

  • Pat Shurmur

    I personally thought it was a great call. If we ran it with Richardson, we might have gotten the first down! I can’t let that happen!

  • Pat Shurmur

    That’s where I was in the 1st quarter.

  • Pat Shurmur

    That’s because I’m doubling as Ravens run game coordinator.

  • Pat Shurmur

    And that’s why Weeden is the starter!

  • Pat Shurmur

    I am no winner, but I am a battler and that’s the job I was asked to perform.

  • MrCleaveland

    Just as one would not feel the need to formally thank, say, Manet, were he alive, but instead to just quietly bathe in the masterpiece-ness of his work.

  • Garry_Owen

    Manet was a hack.

  • C_CLE

    I didn’t mean he isn’t a winner in general. He’s not a winner on this weeks list. And wow, Colt’s “winning” really paid off for us last year. Also, making accounts to try to mimic people is stupid. Save it for twitter.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Fair enough. I didn’t see your previous comment before I posted mine.

  • Zach Roberts

    your funny

  • Garry_Owen

    My funny what?

  • Monet was a hack: He painted bridges. Manet was amazing: He painted nudes. But it’s going to take a real football genius to turn this Titanic around.

  • Garry_Owen

    That picnic painting with the one naked woman amidst all those fully clothed dudes is just plain weird. Fetish-like, even. The Browns need a Picasso.

  • And there’s none of that in Cleveland.

  • Kildawg

    Winners: Richardson (beast, needs more touches), Norwood (solid game catching the ball), O-Line (kept Giants exceptional D-Line away from Weeden), Dawson (enough said)
    Neutral: Weeden (needs to eliminate staring down receivers, looking better as a QB), Gordon (needs to make more catches, only 2 went for TD though), Cribbs (hang on to the football and keep making plays), ST (eliminate bonehead plays/penalties/turnovers that keep ball away from the offense)
    Losers: Shurmur (play calling and personnel packages), Little (catch the ball, it’s not going to bite you), CBs (poor coverage all game long, needed Haden bad), Run D (how could you let the last-ranked team in rushing last year rack up over 200 yards on the ground?)
    On the play calling/personnel- whenever Ogbonnaya is on the field, we pass. How about letting him get some carries to confound opposing defenses and/or use a formation that doesn’t scream pass on short yardage situations?

  • Cooley Ford

    Boy, you sure are clever! How do you keep coming p with this stuff?

  • bigduke69

    I’ve about turned off the tv this year watching the Browns. Their defense was their only saving grace and now that they are ranked close to last in defense along with zero offense will equate somewhere between a record of 0-16 to no better than 2-14. Yes, they are that awful folks.

  • BenRM

    A+ response