Chris Perez wants to be back, blames Acta

Chris Perez said he was going to talk toward the end of the season. I guess it is now close enough for the closer who hasn’t been short of things to say all year long. Today, via Chris Assenheimer’s twitter feed we find out that Perez wants to be back next year in Cleveland. We also find out that “most of the problems walked out the door last week i.e. Acta.”

I wasn’t totally expecting that, to be honest. Of all the people who would be expected to have issues with Manny Acta, I didn’t expect it to be many of his players for whatever reason. The last we heard after his firing, some players were seemingly feeling bad and taking some responsibility for getting the organization in such a position with their play that Acta got fired.

So, I guess we’ll see just how much of the downfall was Acta’s fault. Whether or not Chris’ wish to remain in Cleveland is granted remains to be seen. Despite a pretty epic season from the closer, expensive arbitration is forthcoming and he played so well that his trade value is probably highest of any player on the team.

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  • From the fans to the front office to the skipper: who hasn’t he blamed yet? In fact, I think Slider’s had a pretty heavy hand regarding the team’s performance this year.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Chris Perez since you love Twitter so much let me be clear: STFU! Have a nice day.

  • mgbode

    “his trade value is probably highest of any player on the team”

    after this season where many, many teams either had their closer injuried or had them be ineffective, or found them off the scrap-heap to begin with; I don’t see in anyway that Chris Perez could have a higher trade value than Choo (even with just 1 more year of control on Choo).

    let’s look at the playoff teams:

    Nats – Storen hurt, Clippard takes over and does just fine. Storen now back.
    Braves – Kimbrel is a stud.
    Reds – Marshall out, in steps Chapman. talk of Cy Young at times for him.
    St.L – Motte was hurt, Salas took over, Motte back. Been fine the whole time.
    Dodgers – Jansen was good, now League & Belisario taking over
    Giants – No Brian Wilson? no problem: just committee Lopez/Romo/Casilla

    Yankees – Rivera out? Soriano takes over.
    O`s – Jim Johnson unknown? just become the 2nd best closer this year
    Rays – Rodney a bust of a closer previous years? or he has perhaps the best year closing year of alltime in 2012.
    Tigers – Valverde actually had some issues. And he was considered “safe”
    White Sox – Addison Reed also had some issues. But mostly got the job done.
    Rangers – Nathan rock solid.
    A`s – Balfour? really? this guy was a mess at closer, now he’s solid?
    Angels – who hasn’t closed for them this year? Frieri did well for the most part, Downs had some good times for them.

    Really the Angels are the one team above that could have used Perez and had some more significant success. But, given that teams are finding closers out of thin air like crazy, spending major $$ on a closer is akin to spending major $$ on a kicker in the NFL when 3 different kickers have kicked FGs over 60yds this year and it seems standard for kickers to make 50+yd FGs these days.

  • Wow

    You can easily be replaced Perez.

  • eric grohoske

    Maybe Perez read this and found there is nowhere for him to go.

  • About the middle of the summer I heard a talk show host talking about a MLB players poll of the manager players would most hate to play for. I was not surprised that Ozzie Guillon and Bobby Valentine were 1 and 2 but Manny Acta was 3rd. It surprised me a lot but now it makes more sense. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  • Kildawg

    Perhaps LA (either team) or Texas are the most likely places for us to ship C. Perez for prospects (all 3 teams have prospects and players to help us fill gaps).

  • mgbode

    texas has nathan & adams. i doubt them. i could see either LA team though League is pitching well right now.

    for Texas, I am still hoping Boston panic-signs Hamilton to a huge contract and Texas panic-trades for Choo (w/ Boras sized extension) while giving us some prized prospects. we can package Perez in there if they want (but, like i said, their bullpen is solid)

  • porckchopexpress

    I hate to go all Jim Garrison here but a week or so ago Perez says he’s going to be able to talk about what’s wrong with the Indians the last week of the season. After those comments the manager is fired and Perez talks. Is it possible that Perez was clued in to the firing before hand? Was this done to placate him? If -as he claims -Antonetti was standing behind Acta when he told him the news why does Acta’s head clearly move back, and to the left when he gets the news. Wouldn’t the shock of such an announcement force Acta’s head forward and to the right?

  • Wow

    Pestano anyone?

  • BenRM

    Perez is a donkey at times (I hated when he went off on the fans, obviously), but he’s only confirming things we’ve heard and read all season long.

  • Natedawg86

    I have to say STFD now since my kids seem to repeat everything that I saw at the most inappropriate times.