Browns Survey Results: fans expected to lose, but not that badly

Browns fans weren’t overly excited about the game. Even after a 14-0 first quarter lead, it seems the skepticism was warranted. Nearly 30% of Browns fans who filled out our survey thought the Browns would win. I personally thought the Browns had a good chance, for them, but to me that meant 37.2% as I said to Andrew on our latest podcast. Anyway, final score prediction was an eight point loss 27-19. Considering the Browns were down 27-17 in the first half, maybe they were on to something… for one half. Of course, the Browns went on to lose 41-27.

On with the rest of the results. Nobody was right about QB sacks. Weeden was sacked 0 times, although he did take two official QB hits.

The four people who predicted zero sacks were prescient. The Browns had a lot of difficulty getting pressure on Eli Manning today.

Brandon Weeden threw two interceptions including a real gut-puncher in the second quarter.

The Browns got one, but I wouldn’t complain if you wanted to put an asterisk on the INT as Usama Young intercepted a pass where it appeared Sheldon Brown got away with interference. I mean, I’ll take it as a fan, but if I’m looking at the play unbiased…

The Browns had three touchdowns (one of which might have been in garbage time?) and could have had four if not for that pesky rule indicating you can only throw one forward pass per play. Stupid regular referees calling games accurately!

Five TDs given up by the Browns. Two set up by really bad turnovers between the Weeden throw and the Cribbs cough-up on the ensuing kickoff.

Trent Richardson had 81 yards rushing and the team finished with 84 total. Many Browns fans will be critical of the number of carries for Richardson. I’d like to see more too, but when you wet the bed to end the first half to trail 27-17… forget it. They should still just pump Richardson more, I think.

Hooo boy. The Browns gave up a lot. 243, with 200 to Bradshaw and a memorable 40 yard run to Wilson as the Browns appeared to be completely over the game.

259 yards for Manning on this day, but there were three touchdowns, including some serious work (and dancing) by Victor Cruz, who made Browns DBs look silly.

Weeden threw for 291, which is where most Browns fans had them. Too bad about those interceptions, though. Yardage is only meaningful without TOs and with victories.

I don’t even know what the answer is to this for sure, but I’ll just say 2nd quarter. When the Browns got toasted after two straight turnovers, I think it’s safe to say they stopped it from being competitive. There were opportunities to get back into it and only be down a score, but I don’t know if that’s enough.

  • Dee P

    I know we are 0-5, but what has changed for me at least as a fan this year is that I am no longer “afraid” of any more of the teams on our schedule. I would not be surprised if the Browns beat any one of the teams left on the schedule. We have 3 out of the next 4 games at home (Cincy, Bal, and San Diego), and an away game at Indy. With Haden coming back, there is no way I am shocked if we go into the break 4-5, or 3-6…and even if we go into the bye at 0-9, I bet those are games where we show up and compete like we have been.

    After the bye, our toughest matchups are at Denver and at Pittsburgh over the last two weeks of the year…and the team could be gelling by then and sneak a win at one of those spots.

    Look, I’m not saying playoffs….but there are plenty of wins out there still, and even if those games don’t end as wins, we will be in the hunt.

    Much better product than what we’ve had the past few years.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Hey Craig, might want to fix the “Browns went on to lose 41-17” in the opening paragraph.

  • Pat Shurmur

    As I like to say, this is going to be the most entertaining 0-16 season of your lives!

  • The Other Tim

    It seems this team will do whatever it takes to lose. Need to be not be able to stop the run. We can do that. What if it’s the pass you want to use to beat us? Go ahead. Need a comeback? Here’s one. Need to beat us up and then hold us off at the end? You got it.
    So much variety of suck. Wonder how we’ll lose next week. It will be close but we’ll leave just enough time on the clock for Dalton to beat us.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    I could see them getting a win or two before the bye. But not 4 in a row. One of these days they are going to put together a complete game and get one. That will help a ton with confidence. I was hoping that yesterday would be the one…but…

    The bigger danger right now is Shurmur losing the locker room…if he hasn’t already.

  • Thanks. Fixed.

  • LaundroMat

    “Nobody was right about QB sacks.”

    Am I reading this incorrectly, or wasn’t 1 person right?

  • Hopwin

    Brandon Weeden is the lowest rated QB in the NFL currently. Not that anyone in these comment sections ever cares to actually look at stats or facts…
    Our Defense is 28th overall…
    Our Offense is 24th overall…
    I am going to stop here and go drink now.

  • Dee P

    I get the stats, and I look. But I also know what I see with my eyes while watching the game. Weeden was on an absolute roll before the big pick. From there it was obvious he lost confidence. My point on that is – we see what he can do when he has confidence, and that is what excites me as a fan. He’s a rookie QB that is going to have ups and downs, as every rookie QB does. Criticize me all you want for focusing on the ups – but that is what fans tend to do. I don’t ignore the stats – but sometimes stats by themselves don’t tell the whole story – you need to look at the whole picture.

  • Did you here about the couple who named their baby after the Browns ? His first name was Owen and his middle name was Sixteen.

  • mgbode

    yes, Weeden is still the lowest ranked NFL starting QB. however, he is still fighting off that anchor of his week1 performance.

    he hasn’t been great since then, but he’s moved the ball and done the things we hoped he would do in preseason. now, he’s got to find a way to win one of these friggin’ games.

  • Steve

    So we’ve almost made it back to where we were two years ago? In 2010, they beat the Saints and Patriots, and seven of their eleven losses were by no more than a score. That team actually was competitive. This one is showing flashes, but isn’t there yet (any win, not necessarily against one of the best teams in the league would really help though).

    I’m sorry, but that just makes things all the more depressing. Two years into our $50 million investment, we’ve made, at the absolute most, zero progress. I don’t know how long people can get by on the thought that at least they’re not getting blown out, but I guess we’re going to see.

  • mgbode

    2 years ago we were one of the oldest teams in the NFL. so, while we were competitive in some surprising games, we were still under .500 with more guys regressing than progressing.

    i liked alot of what Mangini did. wish we had more of that hard-edge discipline style and I so much prefer the straight power-blocking to what we are doing now. but, that was one aspect where we were lost.

  • Steve

    That’s taken into account in the big picture, but we aren’t as good (compared to the rest of the league) as we were in 2010 either, which also is taken into account.

    I feel the age thing is way overblown. The average average-age NFL roster is almost exactly 26 (same in 2010). The Browns this year average 25.6. The 2010 Browns averaged 26.8. For all the purging and movement towards youth, we sure didn’t pick up a whole lot of developmental years. How likely do we think that this roster, in 1.2 years, will be able to hang with and beat elite teams? Feasible, sure, but I’m not betting on it.

  • mgbode

    first, we started 1-5 in 2010. if we do win next week, then we’ll be right in line with 2010. sad, yes, but true.

    impossible to say where we will be in 2 years. we don’t know what upheavel will be done, who will stay, who will go and what new system will be put in place if some leave. but, here is a generic format.

    *we need Weeden & Richardson to be very good (obviously)
    *we need at least 2 of the current WRs to step into their roles (Gordon and Benjamin?)
    *we need to solidify the OL (upgrade OG or have growth from starters and/or Ryan Miller, etc.)
    *we need another TE and more depth overall

    *we need another CB, DE, and S. as starters.
    *we need our LBers to get better and we need our young guys to step up because I don’t trust Fujita/Maiava to do it (Gocong could possibly help when he’s back next year)

    there are alot of ?s and alot of needs. but, look at all the rookies and 2nd year guys we are running out there. and, in key spots. that gives me more hope that they will get better (though we know not all of them will by experience).

  • Steve

    I’m not going to play the selective endpoints game. 2010 had 5 wins, including a couple over great teams, along with still competitive play in losses. Let’s see how this year’s team does.

    The age thing still shows that, despite all the rookies and second year guys, we aren’t a whole lot younger, not the two years you mention. I don’t think the age thing matters a whole lot in the NFL. Guys peak in the 26-27 range, so you better be good almost right away. A lot of guys have a lot of developing left to do, and you don’t get until you’re 30 to figure it out.

  • bigduke69

    Browns have a unique chance to go 0-16 this year. Realistically probably 2-14 or 1-15. Going 0-16 might be as difficult as going 16-0.