Browns Survey Results: Browns beat Chargers

44% of Browns fans predicted a home victory in the rain for the Browns over the Chargers. Well, most Browns fans probably didn’t predict the rain so much. After the scores were averaged, Browns fans predicted that the Browns would lose 25-22. The spread is alright, but nobody seemed to know just how badly the weather would derail both offenses. So, how about the rest?

First up, Brandon Weeden was sacked twice. He seemed more under pressure than any other time recently, but I give the guy credit for taking good care of the ball when there wasn’t anything there.

Just one sack for the Browns as they still look to get Jabaal Sheard to light up the box score. We’ll see if Rubin and Taylor make a difference on that front.

I said that Weeden did a good job of taking care of the ball, didn’t I? None. He didn’t have a good day throwing the ball as he was only 11/27, but at least he didn’t make it worse by giving the ball away.

Goose egg. I thought there were a couple chances, especially on the arm punt that Phil Rivers threw almost straight up in the air that found earth between the receiver, Usama Young and Joe Haden.

Maybe it was the weather, but the Browns underperformed most expectations in terms of TDs.

Nobody thought the Browns would hold the Bolts out of the end zone, but that’s just what happened.

The Browns gave up 117 yards on the ground. That wasn’t all bad as they scattered Matthews runs 24 times for 95 yards.1

133 and 122 to game MVP Trent Richardson. 5.1 yard average and the only TD of the game. The Browns needed Richardson today and he came up big.

154 not including sack yardage. The weather, the Browns defense, and one giant drop by Robert Meachem aided in this number looking so very good.

117 is ugly and almost nobody thought it would be that bad. Still, the weather gets some credit for this stinker.

Definitely competitive until the fourth quarter this week.



  1. I just used a baseball-ism []