Miller Listed as Starter for Saturday Against Penn State; Hall Expected Back?

The Buckeyes released their game notes for this week’s Penn State match-up. The Buckeyes have listed Braxton Miller as the starting QB, which is an early indication they expect him to play. Unlike many pro sports teams, the Buckeyes do tend to change their depth chart to reflect injuries and player movement.

RB Jordan Hall is also listed as a co-starter in the backfield with Carlos Hyde, an indication he may be ready to go this week after sitting out the last 3 games with a knee injury.

Obviously things could change this week for both players. If Hall is able to return, that could help limit Miller’s rushing attempts. Even if Hall can’t go, Meyer may want to consider giving more reps to Carlos Hyde and Rod Smith.

UPDATE: Urban Meyer said Braxton Miller is “very sore”, especially his neck. He said the injury was ‘a whiplash like inujry’. He is expected to practice Tuesday. LB Sabino will not be ready to go this week.

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  • Garry_Owen

    I do not get this. How can Miller possibly be ready to play? I’m no doctor (we can all rejoice), but the kid was in serious pain – and crying – on the sideline. Either he’s injured, or he was completely disoriented (which means he was concussed).
    As much as I am irritated by living in Penn State country and want to beat them like a circus monkey on Saturday, there is no way I play Miller if I’m Meyer (we can also rejoice that I’m not, however). It’s not worth it. Let him rest. Let him heal. Besides, I would love to see how Guyton does in the starter’s role in a big game. This is the year to take a gamble on something like that.

  • cmm13

    This is Urb at his best…”Yeah, he’s sore but he’s playing…oh and so is Hall…now gameplan for it”

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Miller take a snap and then the sweet sounds of Kenny G come dancing into the field.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Miller not play at all or him come out and be fine.
    This is what Urb does…cold killer.

  • Garry_Owen

    Hope you’re right. Maybe we should delete this conversation, in case any State Penners are monitoring?

  • Dee P

    The fans on this site are way too old for any one from Penn State to be interested in what we are doing.

  • cmm13

    Don’t worry..Penn State is much for “monitoring” anything and even when they do get a report its quickly brushed aside.

    Too soon?
    Too late?

  • Garry_Owen

    I refer to the school as “State Penn,” so my answer would be “too late,” if anything. Well played.

  • Garry_Owen

    Who you calling “old?” I’m in my prime. I won’t be 40 for another year. A whole year!

  • mgbode

    well, if you were a BigXII fan, then you wouldn’t even be a man yet.

  • mgbode

    agreed. this year doesn’t count anyways. use it to build good will with recruits parents as well (see, if your son is hurt, then i won’t force him back in a big game, promise).