Brandon Weeden Credits Defense in Win

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden was quick to give credit to the defense for the team’s 7-6 win over the Chargers Sunday. When asked if he thought seven points would be enough to win, Weeden replied-

Not until I took that last knee, honestly. Our defense made a stop. Our defense, lets not kid anybody here, our defense won us that football game. You know field position was a struggle, the weather was a struggle but games like that in those conditions to have our defense play like they did, they won the football game for us. If I had a game ball I’d give it to those guys. They played their tails off and made play after play against a really good offense.

Defensive captain D’Qwell Jackson called it a team win.

It was a collective effort. I thought for the most part, offensively, we were able to sustain a lot of drives. Trent (Richardson), I thought he had a big day with the offensive line. Just being able to run in these type of conditions. Defensively, I thought we rose to the occasion. There were times where we didn’t get off on third down, but we would come to the sideline and talk about how the Chargers were attacking us. Everybody was in tune the entire ballgame and I think it was one of those days where things started to fall in place for us on both sides of the ball.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    With a huge assist from mother nature.

  • Jaker

    I’m going to take a lot of heat for this, but I do not think that Jackson played particularly well today, or over the first half of this season. I love him on our defense, and as a leader and captain, but he has made some bad plays this year. Too many 15 yard penalties for late hits/unsportsmanlike calls from a veteran. Also, he had a very difficult time covering Ronnie brown out of the backfield. Thats a problem. Now, I am a big fan of Manti Teo, so I ask…

    Is drafting Teo as our MLB an option and moving Jackson to Fujitas spot? Can Jackson play outside? Give me your opinions

  • ch

    Are you using scab ref calls or real ref calls to deduce Jackson’s value?

    Also, you can’t ever cover the entire field. We’ve been pretty good against the screen plays this year (limiting ray rice comes to mind) so before you bash Jackson, maybe the coaches were not expecting Brown to see so many dump passes. Regardless, the defense adjusted and stopped the final drive to win us the game.
    Jackson is great at communicating and leading, everything you want in the middle. I don’t know how in a sloppy wet game you can say he’s done and over.

    it’s a consensus Urlacher is slow as hell this year, but he still has a nose for the ball and can direct traffic which has helped that defense carry Chicago to wins.

  • Jaker

    Whoa whoa whoa, slow down.
    First of all, I never said “done and over” nor am I bashing him. I even said “i love him on our defense”. so in the words of Mike Gundy, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

    All I’m asking is if he can play at the OLB position if we draft a stud MLB. I’m sure he could, but I just wanted to see if someone had a better idea of what Jackson can do. I salivate at the idea of our LB corp as Jackson-Te’o-Gocong.
    I acknowledge his leadership and his communication skills, I’m just looking at what Haslam might do in the draft and what could help the team. Just wanted to see if Jackson moving outside Could improve our D.

  • Dee P

    I like your LB corps….however I’m still firmly planted on the stance that we need another CB1 to pair with Haden before we need a LB. In other words – I’d rather spend our first round pick on another shutdown top talent corner, then a top talent LB.

  • Dee P

    Reasons being…

    1. It’s a pass first league. LBs come off the field in Nickel coverage, CBs don’t.

    2. Our pass coverage has been awful.

  • Harv 21

    I kind of agree, as I’ve commented this year. This defense could really improve with an impact defender from the LB position, the guy that the OC must game plan around and the center points at before the snap. Jackson has played well this year, but this defense is made for his strengths (running to the ball, rather than overpowering guys) and the ML in a 4-3 will have big tackling stats. Yesterday a San Diego RB blew right through his tackle at the line of scrimmage for a big gain. A fast and stronger “snot bubble” linebacker will be able to both cause fear blitzing and stop a lot of the intermediate nonsense that kills the Browns – screen passes, little sideline routes that get turned upfield.

    Agree with others that we also need another good corner. But another LB must be drafted – Maiava is not a NFL-level starter. And if there’s a new regime that switches back to a 3-4, we need a whole basket of heavier, stronger LBs. The guys whose strength is speed – Robertson, JMJ, Fort – won’t fit as well. I love Teo also, but haven’t read a lot yet how is game is projected to fit at the NFL level.

  • mgbode

    I agree that a CB2 is our highest need on defense. DE2 (really DE1) is our 2nd biggest need.

    However, I’m also of the opinion that if there is a clear best player, then you draft that player regardless and worry about the rest later (with some restrictions. we don’t need a 2nd RB or QB for instance).

    Te`o is possibly that player after the first few guys go off the board (and in the discussion that high up, but his position as you noted knocks him down a few rungs)

  • I appreciate the need for a big time CB2, and there are some tall, strong, fast guys coming out next year.. But, even in a pass happy league, I would argue that you still have to stop the run, AND if the QB has no time to make his reads, or is harrassed every play, that significantly improves your CB play… Plus you are able to stop the run… which we can’t.

  • Jaker

    The nickel d is an excellent point. Having Jackson and Gocong on for nickel isn’t too bad, and I agree with a need for a cb2, but is there a guy worth taking in the top 10? I’m always ok with trading down to pick up picks as long as we can get a stud defensive player

  • Jaker

    Needless to say that our 1st round pick must be a cb, de or lb, probably going with the best available, or one we can get Ina trade down scenario

  • Dee P

    Very true….I need to concede that point.

  • Teo is a great college prospect, and I thought about the draft as I watched the OU and Notre Dame game, but D’quell Jackson is one of the last Browns’ defenders to kick to the curb.

    This week he led the NFL in tackles and was a big part of why we won. If you want to see what the team looks like without Jackson, think about the 2nd half of the Giants game after Jackson was taken out with a concussion. The defense went from competitive to awful. What most people remember as a very bad day for the defense was caused by not having Jackson in the middle.

  • mgbode

    I agree. See Jaker. You switch DQ to Will, put Te`o at Mike and Gocong takes back the Sam. Then you have guys like JMJ and Robertson to come rotate in on nickel and dime situations when needed.

    Only concern is that CB2 and DE are of higher priority (as is S). But, if he’s clear BPA, then I’m over that quickly.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    “I’m a man!”