Brady Quinn replaces “booed,” injured QB in KC

Derek Anderson was once booed in a game against the Colts. Brady Quinn was already hurt in a previous game so D.A. was replaced by Ken Dorsey, but the QB battle with Brady Quinn had an awful lot to do with the reaction to Derek Anderson.

Now, the former Notre Dame QB (with the boyish good looks) is in the mix again with an unpopular starter, Matt Cassell, in Kansas City. During a 9-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Cassell lay motionless on the turf. The Chiefs’ free agent offensive tackle Eric Winston was none-too-pleased and let KC fans have it after the game.

“We are athletes,” Winston said. “We are not gladiators. This isn’t the Roman Coliseum. People pay their hard-earned money to come in here, and I believe they can boo. They can cheer. They can do whatever they want. We’re lucky to play this game. A game. It’s hard economic times, and they still pay the money to do this, but when somebody gets hurt there are long-lasting ramifications to the game we play — long-lasting ramifications.

Just for the record, in nine plays, Brady Quinn was 3/3 for 32 yards and a 111.1 QB rating in leading a field goal drive.

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  • Pat Shurmur

    Cassel sounds like my kind of QB. Let’s trade Joe Haden for him!