Brad Childress Never Saw a Snap of Josh Gordon Before Draft

Every week, it seems that Brad Childress’ press conference delivers some peculiar nugget about his eccentric, old-school coaching style. This week’s special: He never had seen Josh Gordon play before he officially became a Cleveland Brown:

(On what he saw in Gordon before they picked him in the Supplemental Draft)– “I never saw a snap of him. I got off a cruise boat and somebody said, ‘We signed Josh Gordon,’ and I said, ‘Who’s Josh Gordon?’”

(On if he’s being serious of about not knowing who Gordon was)– “Honestly, yeah. That was Tom (Heckert) and Pat (Shurmur).”

(On where he went on his cruise)– “Where did I go? What do they call it? Western or Eastern Caribbean, I can’t remember right now. I don’t know my islands very well, but it was my wife and I.”

Childress did also mention that Gordon has evolved and improved significantly lately, but it wasn’t clear what the coach’s initial expectations may have been. Never change, Chilly, never change.

Hat tip to Dawgs By Nature for posting these Browns quotes earlier this evening.

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  • Fair enough. Gordon did have to sit out all last year.

  • SDA

    plausible deny-ability

  • Stinkfist

    Maybe if we took that approach with our other receivers, we would have drafted better than Robiskie, Massaquoi, and Little. (Mass is actually serviceable, but leaves a lot to be desired with a 2nd rounder).

  • flashfast2000

    If Shurmur is fired, I would like to see Brad Childress give the job.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I think we’re in the minority just look at all of the glowing comments this past week about this team. They are ready to make their move, 11-5 started this past Sunday! 😉

  • mgbode

    can you give us a week to have unbridled false-optimism? please?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    As soon as you take a break and don’t feel the need to comment on every single topic ever created. Fair?

  • mgbode

    then that means I have to focus more on work. no thanks 🙂

  • Harv 21

    wh-wh-what? The player announces for the supp draft to be conducted a few weeks later, last films are 18 months old, Heckert is scrambling to talk to scouts and review old scouting reports and interview and vet the kid’s history, brings Shurmur in and is strategizing with his FO what they give up in a blind bidding war but DOESN’T CONSULT CHILDRESS?!

    Shocking. Nay, grossly negligent. Welcome to another episode of Cleveland Browns Gotcha. This one’s almost as good as my fav, “The Agent Who Secretly Runs Berea BWAHAHAHA.”

    Just think of the face-palming if Gordon hadn’t contributed yet.