Box Score: White Sox 11, Indians 0

While the White Sox claimed a big victory today, the Indians already had knocked Chicago out of playoff contention last week. Detroit’s Monday night victory clinched the AL Central for the Tigers, accomplishing an impressive September comeback to win the worst division in baseball.

And, oh yeah, the Indians lost badly on Monday. They managed just two hits and one walk while striking out 12 times against the fearsome trio of Hector Santiago, Jesse Crain and Leyson Septimo.

Only two games remain now for the Tribe (67-93) in 2012, who secured their third season with less than 70 wins since 2009. They’re one of only 5 MLB teams (Kansas City, NY Mets, Pittsburgh, Houston) to not have a .500 record or better during these four years.


Scoring Summary
Top 6th: Chi White Sox
– A. Dunn singled to shallow center, D. Wise scored
– A. Rios singled to left, A. Dunn scored, P. Konerko to second
– A.J. Pierzynski singled to right center, P. Konerko scored, A. Rios to third
– D. Viciedo singled to right, A. Rios scored, A.J. Pierzynski to third
Top 8th: Chi White Sox
– A. Ramirez singled to shallow center, A.J. Pierzynski scored, D. Viciedo to second
Top 9th: Chi White Sox
– A. Dunn singled to shallow right, D. Wise scored, K. Youkilis to second
– P. Konerko singled to shallow right, K. Youkilis scored, A. Dunn to third
– D. Viciedo homered to deep left, J. Danks, R. Olmedo and A.J. Pierzynski scored
 Chi White Sox
D. Wise cf622000312.262
K. Youkilis 3b511000101.235
    J. Lopez 1b000000000.243
A. Dunn dh412201201.206
    J. Danks pr-rf010000000.000
P. Konerko 1b412101101.299
    R. Olmedo pr-3b010000000.226
A. Rios rf512100203.304
    L. Septimo p000000000.000
A.J. Pierzynski c422101102.278
D. Viciedo lf412511102.252
A. Ramirez ss501100004.265
G. Beckham 2b501000002.234
HR – D Viciedo (23, 9th inning off S Maine 3 on, 1 Out).
RBI – A Dunn 2 (96), P Konerko (73), A Rios (91), A Pierzynski (77), D Viciedo 5 (75), A Ramirez (73).
2-out RBI – A Dunn, A Rios, A Pierzynski, D Viciedo, A Ramirez.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – A Dunn 1, A Ramirez 3, G Beckham 1.
GIDP – A Rios.
Team LOB – 8.
 Base Running
SB – D Wise (18, 2nd base off C Kluber/C Santana).
DP – 1 (H Santiago-G Beckham-P Konerko).
S. Choo rf301000100.284
    T. Neal ph000000000.217
J. Kipnis 2b300000101.256
    C. Phelps ph101000000.241
A. Cabrera ss200000100.273
    B. Lillibridge ph100000102.197
C. Santana c400000103.253
R. Canzler dh300000200.291
M. Brantley cf200001000.287
M. LaPorta 1b300000101.241
L. Chisenhall 3b300000300.271
V. Rottino lf300000100.111
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – C Santana 1.
GIDP – C Santana.
Team LOB – 4.
E – L Chisenhall (5, throw).
PB – C Santana 2.
DP – 1 (L Chisenhall-J Kipnis-M LaPorta).
 Chi White Sox
H. Santiago (W, 4-1)7.010011001.343.33
J. Crain1.00000101.082.44
L. Septimo1.01000101.085.54
C. Kluber (L, 2-5)5.25442601.495.14
J. Smith1.02000101.183.00
S. Barnes0.10000101.334.50
C. Allen0.22111101.533.77
E. Rogers0.14440001.123.12
S. Maine1.02221212.6710.50
HBP – T Neal (by L Septimo); A Cabrera (by H Santiago).
Pitches-strikes – L Septimo 11-6; H Santiago 108-78; J Crain 13-8; C Kluber 97-62; J Smith 16-11; S Barnes 5-3; C Allen 28-19; E Rogers 22-14; S Maine 30-17.
Ground balls-fly balls – L Septimo 2-1; H Santiago 8-3; J Crain 2-0; C Kluber 6-4; J Smith 5-0; S Barnes 0-0; C Allen 3-0; E Rogers 0-1; S Maine 0-2.
Batters faced – L Septimo 5; H Santiago 23; J Crain 3; C Kluber 23; J Smith 6; S Barnes 1; C Allen 5; E Rogers 5; S Maine 6.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Tim Welke. 1B–Paul Schrieber. 2B–Mike Everitt. 3B–Laz Diaz.
Weather: 61 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 8 mph, in from right.

  • Dee P

    Not saying I like the Tigers….but so happy the loathsome White Sox will not be going to the post season.

  • Dee P

    Including that douchenozzle Pierzynski.

  • mgbode

    i’ve always hated the White Sox more. i still think the Tigers are better equipped for October (sadly), but hopefully they get swept.