Box Score: Browns 7, Chargers 6

It wasn’t the most magnificent work of art, but it was a Cleveland Browns win. Trent Richardson’s first quarter touchdown held up as the Browns defense was able to hold Phillip Rivers and company in check. The Browns stopped the Chargers from getting into field goal range on the final drive to eek out a 7-6 win. Richardson ran for 122 yards and the lone score, while both quarterbacks struggled to complete passes downfield and combined for just 284 passing yards. The Browns are now 2-6 and face Baltimore at home next weekend.

Scoring Summary

1st QuarterSD – CLE
4:17Cleveland BrownsCLETDTrent Richardson rushed to the right for 26 yard gain (Phil Dawsonmade PAT)0 – 7
2nd QuarterSD – CLE
0:00San Diego ChargersSDFGNick Novak kicked a 43-yard field goal3 – 7
3rd QuarterSD – CLE
2:33San Diego ChargersSDFGNick Novak kicked a 31-yard field goal6 – 7
4th QuarterSD – CLE
None6 – 7


San Diego ChargersCompAttYdsPctY/ASackYdsLTDIntRating
Philip Rivers183415452.94.5160065.1
Cleveland BrownsCompAttYdsPctY/ASackYdsLTDIntRating
Brandon Weeden112712940.74.82120055.9


San Diego ChargersRushYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Ryan Mathews24954.01101
Ronnie Brown4174.3700
Jackie Battle362.0600
Le’Ron McClain252.5300
Robert Meachem1-6-6.0-600
Cleveland BrownsRushYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Trent Richardson241225.12610
Brandon Weeden441.0400
Chris Ogbonnaya144.0400
Montario Hardesty331.0200
Joshua Cribbs100.0000


San Diego ChargersRecYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Ronnie Brown78512.12500
Malcom Floyd44310.81400
Antonio Gates2147.0900
Dante Rosario2115.5600
Ryan Mathews294.5601
Jeromey Clary1-8-8.0-800
Cleveland BrownsRecYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Josh Gordon34615.32600
Greg Little22814.02200
Benjamin Watson11414.01400
Jordan Cameron11212.01200
Trent Richardson11212.01200
Chris Ogbonnaya199.0900
Joshua Cribbs177.0700
Alex Smith111.0100


San Diego ChargersXPMXPAFGMFGALngPctPts
Nick Novak002243100.06
Cleveland BrownsXPMXPAFGMFGALngPctPts
Phil Dawson110000.01


San Diego ChargersPuntAvgBlkIn20TB
Mike Scifres646.5030
Cleveland BrownsPuntAvgBlkIn20TB
Reggie Hodges939.6031

Kick/Punt Returns

San Diego ChargersKRYdsAvgLngTDPRYdsAvgLngTD
Richard Goodman12121.0210000.000
Chris Carr11111.0110000.000
Eric Weddle000.0005469.2200
Cleveland BrownsKRYdsAvgLngTDPRYdsAvgLngTD
Joshua Cribbs24723.5250273.570


San Diego ChargersTackAstSackYdsFFumFumRPDIntYdsIntTD
Donald Butler1100.00.0000000
Atari Bigby720.00.0000000
Eric Weddle600.00.0001000
Takeo Spikes530.00.0000000
Shaun Phillips320.51.5001000
Antoine Cason310.00.0000000
Quentin Jammer200.00.0000000
Jarret Johnson200.00.0000000
Corey Liuget131.09.0002000
Melvin Ingram110.51.5001000
Vaughn Martin100.00.0000000
Corey Lynch100.00.0000000
Antwan Barnes100.00.0000000
Kendall Reyes010.00.0000000
Cam Thomas010.00.0000000
Jackie Battle010.00.0000000
Marcus Gilchrist010.00.0000000
Cleveland BrownsTackAstSackYdsFFumFumRPDIntYdsIntTD
Kaluka Maiava900.00.0000000
James-Michael Johnson810.00.0000000
D’Qwell Jackson770.00.0000000
Joe Haden530.00.0000000
Usama Young520.00.0002000
Buster Skrine400.00.0001000
John Hughes310.00.0000000
Juqua Parker300.00.0000000
Ishmaa’ily Kitchen200.00.0000000
T.J. Ward200.00.0000000
Sheldon Brown200.00.0000000
Jabaal Sheard110.00.0000000
L.J. Fort100.00.0000000
Emmanuel Stephens100.00.0000000
Johnson Bademosi100.00.0000000
Joshua Cribbs100.00.0000000
Christian Yount100.00.0000000
Craig Robertson100.00.0000000
Trevin Wade010.00.0000000
Ray Ventrone010.00.0000000
Billy Winn001.06.0010000

  • JeBron_Lames

    Ugly win, but a win’s a win. I still feel the Browns could be 5-3 (Philly, Cincy, and Indy). Really liking the way this team’s shaping.

  • Dee P

    agreed. win next week, you’ll have a two game winning streak heading into the bye….you’ll have a three game winning streak at home….and you’ll be 2-2 in the division. a win next week is huge.

  • cmm13



  • gren

    Except they lost last week…

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I think the sale wasn’t finalized until Thursday 10/25.

  • FearTheRoo

    I’m happy that they won, but Shurmur can’t expect to win many games only scoring 7 points. It just seemed like once they got the first touchdown out of the way, they were completely content sitting back and doing nothing the rest of the game.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Darn shame we didn’t find a way to win the Philly and Indy games. 4-4 with the Ravens coming to town? That would be the biggest game this city has seen in several years.

  • mgbode

    Don’t be ridiculous. It’s easier than that.no marecic.enter run game.we win. 🙂

  • FearTheRoo

    To take a page from the Indians…what if?

    We’ve realistically been in every game. It comes down to the over-conservative play calling. I want to see the team put points on the board! not settle for punting on 4th and short, or screen passes on 3rd and 8. Just like I said about today, we get the lead and they just sit back and watch. Take advantage! score points and put the game out of reach.

  • Dee P

    You know if this season is simply all about building into something for future years, then why can’t we take the mentality that we are 4-4, and make this game a big stage based on that? Let’s put ourselves psychologically in that mode and take another step towards what we want. Treat this game like we are 4-4….and bring the Ravens in. No “big game” let downs.

  • Dave

    Given that it was wet enough for them to be basically playing with a greased watermelon on a field strewn with banana peels, playing it safe was probably a sound strategy. I’d rather see a 7-6 win than a 7-13 loss because of a botched offensive play.

  • Jaker

    I look at the Indy game and today’s game as a wash. If Meacham makes the catch, we probably lose. If Gordon didn’t drop the bomb in Indy, we probably win. I hate playing the ‘what if’ game, but I feel it’s fair to say the last two games could have gone either way. Outside of Buffalo and the Giants*, we’ve been in them all. Now it’s time For OUR blowout Victory, please

    *we were in the game for a while, but defensively we had no chance if stopping them

  • BuckeyeDawg

    That’s a fair way to look at it. Don’t forget It was a one possession game in the 4th quarter vs. Buffalo too. The 2nd half of the NYG game was really the only time all season where we’ve been totally overmatched and outplayed. It’s exciting to see us finally starting to turn the corner (knock on wood).

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Did you see that we ran the ball with Obi as the fullback? At first I was shocked that Shurmur let Marecic run the ball… then I realized it was not Marecic.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I was thinking that, except I was thinking it about the Philly game… a one point loss instead of a one point win, and we win the Philly game if Fort doesn’t drop the ball.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I’m with FTR… we botched the pitch on a double reverse and almost gave the Chargers the ball in a bad place. I think there’s risk in throwing the ball downfield when it’s wet, but there’s also risk in a simple handoff on a dive when the ball is soaking like that. I really wanted to see us stretch the field at least once to keep the Chargers defense honest.

  • Dee P

    Don’t forget how fortunate we were in recovering Hardesty’s fumble as well….that was as conservative of a run as you can get.

  • Jaker

    Yeah i agree about Philly, I just look at the two WR drops as equally important plays for the two teams. Also, I feel as though that Philly game was a completely different group of rookies playing there. Gordon and TRich were non factors and Weeden was awful. Team is different now

  • Jaker

    Key word: FINALLY haha