AP Poll: Ohio State slides to No. 9; Ohio up to No. 23

Though both Ohio teams won their contests this past weekend, it was the Ohio University Bobcats who improved their ranking in the lastest Associated Press coaches’ poll, slotting in at No. 23. Ohio U, now ranked higher than the freefalling West Virginia Mountaineers, will take their 7-0 record to Oxford, Ohio when they face the Miami Redhawks this coming Saturday.

The Buckeyes (9-0) squeaked past the Purdue Boilermakers but lost ground to both Oregon State (6-0) and Oklahoma (5-1). The Scarlet and Grey will head to Happy Valley this Saturday to face the Penn State Nittany Lions (5-2).

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  • deesh

    I’m just gonna say it- Happy Valley sounds like a place where a pedophile would take a kid.

  • Thisguy

    Buckeyes are 8-0. I know we are all riding high from our seeming inability to lose but lets not get ahead of ourselves


    Probably won’t be very popular, but let’s go Redhawks! My team hasn’t had too much to cheer about lately, so putting the first blemish on the Bobcat’s record in the Red Brick Rivalry is about as good as it’s gonna get!

  • dwhit110

    1. OHIO actually had a bye week, so technically they didn’t win their contest on Saturday.
    2. Love that the Bobcats are getting some coverage on my favorite Cleveland sports blog, but please OHIO, Ohio University, or even OU are preferred nomenclature. No Ohio U please.

  • mgbode

    I just love that any game featuring OH teams matters again. It’s been awhile for the MAC. Glad they are back this year w/ 6 BCS conference wins and a couple other close losses there (3 vs. Big10, 3 vs. Big East).

  • fratdad


  • dwhit110

    So true, it’s been a great year for the MAC as OHIO, Toledo, NIU, and Kent all have very, very good squads.

  • 5KMD

    The preferred nomenclature right now (and the easiest) is OHIO. And then anytime you write a word with “ou” in it yOU capitalize it.
    For the Bobcats this week: ranked 23 in each of the AP, Harris and coaches polls and #24 in the BCS.
    Toledo is 26 in the AP with NIU getting 5 votes as well. It looks like it will be an awesome finish as OHIO and Kent State play last game and Toledo plays NIU on the west side. Then the winners will play each other in the MAC championship where both teams could be ranked.
    But that’s if everyone keeps winning.

  • saggy

    no surprise that OSU fell. I am left wondering “what if this OSU team were actually BCS eligible? Then where would they be ranked?”

    I think it’s fair to say that the Buckeyes are ranked lower right now than they would be if they were BCS eligible. I think voters are looking for any reason to get them out of the way. No big deal, though.

  • Clown Baby

    I said about 20 times on Saturday that being bowl ineligible might be the best thing this team has going for them. Can you imagine what Alabama would do to them? I’m enjoying the ride though, what a great ending on Saturday.