2012-13 NBA Blogger Previews: Pacific Division

For the past several years, the great Boston Celtics blog has hosted an annual NBA Bloggers Preview. Basically, every day leading up to the start of the season, one team is previewed by some of the best writers on their team blogs, and then once the division is done, we will post the links to all the previews.

The Cavaliers preview day is tomorrow, so check back then for our preview of the upcoming season. In the meantime, though, check out all the excellent links below to start getting your fill of NBA goodness before the season starts.

Can Andrew Bogut stay healthy this season, and if so, what will his impact on the Warriors be?

And is Harrison Barnes going to make the Cavaliers regret not taking him for years to come? Can the additions of Lamar Odom, Jamal Crawford, and Grant Hill be the missing pieces to put the Clippers into Western Conference Champion contenders? Can anyone in the West stop the new Lakers with their powerhouse lineup of Nash, Kobe, Gasol, Dwight….and Antawn Jamison? What’s going to happen to the Suns now that they have finally lost Steve Nash? Did the Kings do anything this offseason to get themselves into the playoffs in the West so the Cavaliers can finally have their draft pick?

These are just a few of the many questions facing these teams in this upcoming season. To read about these issues and so much more, please pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to read all these great previews:

Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors: Golden State of Mind

Los Angeles Clippers: Clips Nation | Gunnerz!

Los Angeles Lakers: Silver Screen and Roll | Hardwood Hype

Phoenix Suns: Bright Side of the Sun | ValleyoftheSuns

Sacramento Kings: Sactown Royalty

  • mgbode

    seems like a good spot to re-post the trade details with the Kings:
    top-13 protected in 2013, top-12 protected in
    2014 and top-10 protected from 2015-17. If the Cavs don’t receive the pick by
    2017, they will receive a second-round pick