WFNY Podcast – 2012-09-21 – Craig and Rick Preview Browns vs Bills

Two podcasts in one week? Why not! This time Rick and I talked about the Browns, specifically the matchup this week with the Bills. Two inconsistent teams on a collision course at CBS on Lake Erie! (I feel like a hype man now.

  • Mitchell Schwartz vs. Mario Williams
  • Young Browns secondary bounce back?
  • Will Browns stack against Spiller?
  • Which Brandon Weeden will show up?
  • Scott Fujita, L.J. Fort, Playing Time
  • Brandon Jackson, Montario Hardesty, and Chris Ogbonnaya

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  • Vindictive_Pat

    Gotta have the win this Sunday… it’s not going to get any easier for a few games. Ravens are going to be amped up for that primetime game at home on Thursday.