WFNY Podcast – 2012-09-11 – Browns, Buckeyes, Suspensions and 2-point Conversions

Rick and Craig are back at it again and no we still don’t have an opener. Sorry, I was too busy bringing a new child into the world. Excuse me. Get off my back, ok?

Anyway, Rick and I talked about the Browns and Buckeyes mostly. As soon as I get TD or Jon on we’ll get some Tribe in the action. Scott will make an appearance soon too, I’m thinking.

  • Joe Haden’s suspension
  • Pat Shurmur and the 2-point conversion decision
  • Brandon Weeden’s tumultuous first week
  • Colt McCoy and Weeden sharing wide-eyed first moments in the new system
  • Buckeyes offensive regression from week 1 to week 2
It went a bit long this time nearing 30 minutes. That’s a bit too long for what we want to do, so we’ll try to tighten it up a bit going forward. The good news is that it at least means we’re having fun talking. Hopefully that translates into some good listening. Then again, Brandon Weeden claims he was having some fun last week against the Eagles, so we’ll just have to see what kind of podcaster rating we get. Hopefully at least as high as Mike Vick.
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  • thelonius7

    I questioned it at the time. In retrospect, there are 2 factors as to why he did not go for it. First, they struggled on every short yardage scenario in the game. Im pretty sure that they did not have the confidence to make that play. The second factor is just how early it was in the game. If henry would have made that field goal, they would have only needed a field goal to win rather than to tie. With that in mind, I dont think that it even makes sense to make it then.

    Also, I felt Weeden threw 4 terrible passes, but I need to see a little more before I throw him under the bus. Once he gets a TD, it will be better.

    Winning is the point of playing. If he looks that bad next week, you have to bench him.

  • Harv 21

    Nice job, guys. Three things:

    – Craig, I know exactly what you mean by “watching the team like it’s a science experiment.” I got jacked for a sec when DQ somersaulted into the end zone but overall I have no passion for this team any more. Part of it is that they do nothing well and have no identity 13 years into it. There is no belief to suspend. Used to be excited for a Browns game by Friday, and so was everyone else. Having said all that, Jauron may be building something real on defense. Guys are playing way over their heads there, undrafted rook FA’s in the right place, playing confidently, remarkably little confusion and hesitation.

    – Agree that these small coaching things go into Shurmur’s file. In addition to the (overblown but legit) conversion issue, he overplayed Richardson though he was ineffective, clearly rusty and barely over an injury, and there was poor play calling at the end of the half that stopped the clock repeatedly for the Eagles and gave them time to score. I also agree that it was a mistake not to play Weeden a little in the last exhibition. The defense was spent at the end of each half and the offense did nothing to give them a breather. While Jauron is rotating guys and dialing up creative stuff, I honestly think Shurmur loses track of the game-day details. This is a crucial HC skill: be anal retentive and organized to put your team in a position to win, or delegate to someone who is.

    – I disagree that they should have pulled Weeden for Colt at any point. It was not only one game but the first game. That’s a long term lose-lose, even if they win. Yes, you must start winning so the rest of the team pushes hard, but you have to see if Weeden is the guy right now and let him learn from the failure. If someone slapped him on the sideline and he led a FG drive – not that difficult, needed just 35 yards in 90 seconds – he’s strutting around today, even with all the picks and overthrows. He’s 28 and we’ll see what he’s made of this week. If he comes out steady next week and says this experience jolted him straight, we’d all take that trade. It was his very first game.

  • Can I just say Harv that I love the fact we can disagree on something without a war developing? Thanks for your input.

  • Harv 21

    Sure I speak for many when I say the tone you set on this site is why I’m here.
    Also, it’s sports. Not life. Here’s life: What is my purpose in the moments on this earth? How can I be the best husband/father I can be? What is the answer to “do you like my hair better this way or the other way?” (hint:That’s a trick – do not answer! Attempt diversion!) Brandon Weeden playing an exhibition game? Football? C’mon, it’s a welcome distraction, what’s there to get upset about.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I think it was just a dumb move by Haden where he probably had no idea that it was a banned substance (there’s no way the players pour over that document and memorize which substances are banned… I’m sure they grab it and throw it in their equipment bag and never see it again). So really I think it’s more a matter of Haden learning a valuable lesson to question every single drug or supplement that he puts into his body. It’s an expensive lesson.