UCF Coach O’Leary on Ohio Stadium: “It’s like Michigan, not a loud stadium.”

“I tell you what, it’s like Michigan. It’s not a loud stadium. I mean, they sit on their hands in that stadium. I’ve been there before, and you take Wisconsin, you take Iowa, you take UCFis much louder than that stadium. It really is as far as the noise is concerned, because it is so far away from the field. But a lot of stadiums are a lot louder than that place. I didn’t even bring in music this week, or any type of noise (in practice) because I think we should be able to execute without it.”

— UCF Coach George O’Leary on Ohio Stadium, where his team will travel to play the Buckeyes on Saturday. So there you go, Buckeye fans. Your move on Saturday.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • Clown Baby

    So far away from the field? Has he not been to the Shoe since the track was removed? Such a stupid thing to say.

  • Patrick

    I don’t know what he’s talking about, I’m pretty sure the big house is incredibly loud, and I know from experience that the shoe is one of the loudest places in the country, just wait until he gets booed the second UCF comes onto the field or when script Ohio is dotted and just listen to how loud it gets.

  • co811809

    Ohio STATE’s stadium. Us bobcats don’t want to be talked about with tOSU. GO bobcats!

  • cmm13

    Wow…scorned by ND so he takes his anger out on us. Okay.

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    sometimes it is tough being the 5th most popular college football program in your state I guess.

  • Clown Baby

    The technical name is Ohio Stadium….don’t worry nobody will confuse it with the high school stadium in Athens! Congrats on last week though, that was awesome.

  • MrCleaveland

    What would possess a coach to say something like that? Even if he believes it, why say it? He’s just begging the fans to make so much noise that his offense won’t be able to hear signals.

  • mgbode

    FIU is mad at you

  • Actually, Michigan has a reputation for not being a loud stadium in comparison. Certainly the second half of many blow-outs are pretty quiet at the Shoe. But it can be VERY loud and was recently ranked by SI I believe as a top ten stadium experience. No big house on that list. Or UCF for that matter.

  • The analogy comes from George O’ Leary– the man who got fired from Notre Dame for lying on his resume about having a masters degree (he was so stupid that he listed a non-existent school).

  • VaricellaBlimp
  • BadgerBob

    He’s not that far off base. I’ve been there multiple times. For 100k+, it’s not as loud as you’d expect. I’ve been to SEC venues with 20k fewer people that are much louder. Wisconsin is much louder. Hell, the 60k fans at a WVU game I went to were louder.

  • Dee P

    It may not be very loud in the second half when the Bucks are up by 5 touchdowns.

    Just kidding….actually worried about tomorrow.

  • Well, George can add “troll” to his resume. Which is good for him–he needs to get some truthful stuff on there.

  • No, no–the article is about UCF, not USF

  • Ohiot2

    OU’s stadium is called Peden Stadium

  • BuckeyeDawg

    When we want to be loud, there aren’t many places louder. Seems like it takes a night game against a top shelf opponent to get there, though. The Texas night game in 2005 was the loudest game I have ever been to in my life, and there’s not even a close 2nd.

  • BrettBelimaateahorse

    What games have you been to badger bob? Sitting up in C deck during a non conference game doesn’t count. We are not all just loud mouthed idiots who yell the whole time regardless of who or what is going on the field like the schools you mentioned. Takes an opponent worthy of it. Get on the field during a Michigan game and say that.

  • O-H