Trent Richardson: “My mom always told me never to let anyone tell me what I can’t do.”

For Browns fans there is a must read piece in Cleveland Magazine (available online as well) written by Tony Grossi about the rookie RB-

Richardson’s mother, Katrina, and grandmother, Gloria, raised the family of three boys — Trent, 22, Terrell, 25, and Terrence, 28. For a time, they lived in block-O shaped low-income housing tucked behind a Wal-Mart. Addicts and dealers were so prevalent, the area earned the nickname Crack Alley.

Katrina worked at multiple jobs — at restaurants, cleaning houses and baby-sitting. Along the way, a few children that Katrina cared for to earn money were left unwanted by their mothers. Over time, she took in four boys and a girl.

“A lot of times they didn’t have a lot to eat,” says Willie Richardson, Katrina’s brother and a Christian minister. “We all would pull together some change, get some hot dogs, peanut butter, to make sure they ate. It was rough on my sister.”

Still, she’d travel more than a half-hour each way to Hazel’s Seafood Restaurant in Orange Beach, Ala., where she worked in the kitchen.

“She was being a mom and dad when she got home,” Richardson told ESPN.com last year. “I knew it was tough on her.”

Go read the whole piece. Definitely worth it.

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  • Garry_Owen

    Nice article.
    Jim Brown is not impressed, though.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Great article. Tony Grossi at his best.

  • mgbode

    “My first three years, I played offensive line. Nobody knows that.”

    that is great. Gary Brown would have liked to know that before taking part of that blocking drill at his pro-day 🙂

  • mgbode

    first time I saw that response from Richardson to Brown’s comments. Said that he appreciates Jim saying that because he is trying to make sure Trent isn’t satisfied and pushes himself as much as possible. Great quote and great way of handling it.

  • Garry_Owen

    I can accept that, if Richardson does. (I just like to be ridiculous sometimes.)

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Great read. Kudos to Trent, and even more so, to his mother. She sounds like a special woman.

  • BomberDawg

    I love that this guy is on our team. It’s an overused saying, but he truly is the man.

  • Is his mother Locke from ‘Lost’? Man, as if the show didn’t confuse me enough at the time…

  • Sixth City Fan

    Love the article. He seems to be a special guy, hope he does special things for the Browns!

  • maxfnmloans

    so this is why Coach Shurmur couldn’t keep him off the field in week 1…

    In all seriousness, she sounds like a special lady with a heart of gold

  • Harv 21

    I always take these valentine homages to players with a bag of salt, especially when it’s easier for rookies to be humble before professional success and riches, but two things do jump out:
    – the kid already has a work ethic, and that’s good since it’s easier to retain one than learn one after your first big paychecks.
    – he has responded perfectly to the standard nonsense Jim Brown spouts whenever he’s jealous. Ironically (or intentionally, if Trent is more clever than this story implies) praising Brown and saying you want to impress him will result in – mark my words – Brown very soon starting to laud this kid and claim he’s his mentor. Jim Brown joneses for attention, and the older he gets and less he has to do the more desperate he gets. Wondering how much Mary Kay Cabot would take not to call Jim or take his calls anymore; I’d chair the fundraising campaign.

  • Brandon

    He is absolutely a phenomenal human being. He has the kind of work ethic and attitude that we need on this team.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Little known fact: Trent Richardson was also confined to a wheelchair before he came to Cleveland. And his dad stole a kidney from him. And he’s really the smoke monster. And spoiler alert.