Shurmur to Trolling Fans: Brandon Weeden is Browns’ Starting Quarterback

Clamoring for [Colt] McCoy [after one game]? I’d tell them that Brandon Weeden is our starting quarterback and he’s going to get better. Okay?

— Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, Monday, when asked what his response would be to fans “clamoring” for quarterback Colt McCoy following rookie QB Brandon Weeden’s first start in the NFL. Weeden, a 2012 first-round draft selection, threw four interceptions against the Philadelphia Eagles and finished with a 5.1 passer rating.

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  • he can’t help but get better hard to get any worse than a passer rating of 5.1

  • Anne

    Nobody spends much time in a prevent defense, or as Madden said, it would prevent you from winning. A few minutes at most at the end of a game. So the possibility that the Steelers went into prevent against McCoy and padded his stats just isn’t plausible.

    Beyond that, Weeden actually would up facing a Philly prevent but couldn’t do anything with it.

    Weeden was trying to throw long most of the day. He zeroed in on his target before the play developed and stared down the receiver like he’s been warned about over and over. When he got the ball he didn’t look at all the receivers to see who was open, just went with his fist choice, showed Philly were he was throwing the ball and threw it into the double and triple coverage that gathered around his target.

    Meanwhile, other receivers were open just about every play. Philly may have started concentrating their coverage on long routes and creating a defacto prevent, but Weeden never took advantage of it.

    On the last possession when we only needed to move the ball 24 to 30 yards. ON the first play, Weeden again stared down his chosen receiver and thre into double coverage when at least one other receiver is wide open in the flat where he could have run for half the needed yards on his way out of bounds.

    But Weeden ignored the open opportunity and threw into double coverage to a Philadelphia receiver, oops defender.

    So believe both McCoy’s and Weeden’s stats. They do what stats do best, make the comparison very clear and unbiased..

  • Guest17

    Even if he can’t come up with enough wins to keep his job if new egos come aboard, he needs enough wins to land a cushier job somewhere else. It might very well be the difference between being a head coach on another team, or coaching at Akron.


    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! Yes he had a TERRIBLE game. I guess we all forgot how awful McCoy was last year! The worst offense in the league! And everyone was raving about Weeden he has a bad game, which I expected he’d have. And now you want him out! I hate Cleveland Browns Fans. This is why I rarely go to games.. We have the most idiotic fan base in all of football.. Anyone who said start McCoy is an idiot!