Shurmur on Sunday’s Game Against Buffalo: “We’ve Got to Win this Game”

Browns head coach Pat Shurmur was pretty blunt about the team’s upcoming game at home against the Bills-

“We need to do what we can to win this football game against a team that is coming off a good victory.”

When asked about possibly being 0-3 to start the season with the Ravens the following week, Shurmur said

“I wasn’t good in statistics at Michigan State, but we’ve got to win this game.”

Most of Cleveland would agree with the coach. You don’t want to be 0-3 with road games against the Ravens and Giants on deck.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Steve Johnson is drooling!

  • mgbode

    must have had too many hits to his head then. he might want to sit this one out.

  • hopwin

    Let’s ask Pat.

  • i can see us being o and 5 coming up. i dont see any wins for us in the near future.

  • legros11

    Yea, OK…Green who makes Johnson so irrelevant had all of 69 yards receiving, you goof and that`s without our shutdown Corner….

  • Kenny_Chill

    I know drafting Wheedon was the Browns admitting desperation, but play-off talk would be like putting on your match.com profile you’re only dating Victoria Secret models.

  • dave2o

    Lets see Duh…you should have won the 1st 2 games Shurmur~ ! Your teams momentum would have helped you on this weeks game with Buffalo…OMG you cant hold a thimble of Coaches knowledge….Yes your going to have to win this Sunday casue your heading for 0-5..if you dont and the New Sheriff in town…will send you a packen! Turn out the lights the parties over…Browns fans I see a new Coach in the fuure….The Football gods have spoken!

  • Vindictive_Pat

    That’s only because Andy Dalton was spreading the love. Every Bengals receiver looked like a stud on Sunday.