Richardson, Weeden in top five for rookie jersey sales

Dick’s Sporting Goods does the Jersey Report all season long indicating what jerseys are selling best nationwide. While Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning lead the overall list, the Browns are well-represented in the rookie list right now. Trent Richardson comes in at #3 maintaining the actual draft order of Andrew Luck, RG3 and himself. Luke Kuechly from the Carolina Panthers and Weeden round out the top five.

Most surprising fact? Brandon Weeden is allegedly trending upward. Maybe that doesn’t include data from after this past Sunday.

Other non-Browns related notes of interest include Rob Kronkowski out-pacing Tom Brady and Troy Polamalu leading all defensive players. Polamalu is also the only defensive player in the overall top ten.

(H/T to Garrett Downing – @gdowning14Β on Twitter)

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  • JK

    lol @ all you kids buying Weeden jerseys… When will you learn?

  • Chucky Brown

    had a couch
    had a quinn
    never again

  • MrCleaveland

    Dean Wormer: “Mister Wee . . . Mister Weeden, zero point two. Congratulations, Weeden, you’re near the top of the Browns pledge class.”

  • rtpinfla

    If they had a Weeden Jersey with the number 5.1, I’d buy that.

  • bossman09

    Only current players who deserve to have Jerseys PRINTED are Dawson, Cribbs, and Thomas. All other players need to be on the team for another 3 years and get a pro-bowl selection.

  • mgbode

    disapponted Schwartz didn’t make the top10 rookie list πŸ™‚

  • Just think how those Weeden jersey sales will take off if he can get that QB rating above 10.

  • hopwin

    Bweeden jerseys are on clearance racks already?

  • colton

    had a jamal lewis jersey… Retires. had a quinn jersey didn’t live up to expectations so trade. Had a winslow jersey traded him to buccs for draft pick and got massaquoi enough said… Haven’t bought a jersey since because I know we will either trade them away or they will become worthless…

  • Seth

    Does this list include sales of the fake chinese import jerseys? You know, the ones that are a slight lighter brown, bigger lettering and just looks cheap? If so, then this list makes sense cause I saw a lot of fake Richardson jerseys on the Muni lot last Sunday

  • Shadow_play

    I’ve got a McCoy. I thought I would look silly this year. A couple more games like Sunday and it will be back in style. (and probably still look silly)

  • thepaledragon

    Brandon Weeden must have a big family!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The percentages say it all.

  • mgbode

    naw, people thought they were buying a Yankees jersey

  • Jay

    D’Qwell Jackson would like to disagree with that statement.

  • alex

    Get a jersey of a retired player, or a Phil Dawson/ Joe Thomas jersey. You’re damn idiot if you spend money on anyone else.