Richardson: We Will do Everything it Takes to Win

My expectations are always going to be high. I always set my goals high and the sky is always the limit as I see it as how good I can be or how good this team can be as a group and as a unit how much we can come together and try to do the best we can to win […] I’m going to play my role. If coach needs me on third down, I’m going to go in on third down. If he needs Brandon [Jackson] to be in there, if he needs Chris [Ogbonnaya] to be in there, Montario [Hardesty], whoever it is we are all out here hungry for the same thing. We are all ready to win so whichever one of us he puts in there, we will do everything it takes to win.

— Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson, Wednesday, discussing the team’s upcoming contest against the Cincinnati Bengals. The third-overall selection carried the ball 19 times in his first NFL contest, primarily as a two-down back, netting 39 yards.

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  • subadai

    Browns Prayer:

    Bless us ‘O Lord,

    Please don’t let this righteous destruction of one of Your chosen team’s enemies by Your chosen weapon be our only token of Your grace this season.

    Please strengthen our no-talent, ass-clown guards to play at least to the average NFL level and allow Your son Trent to reach the second level.

    Please…. I don’t know the right term… maybe “fix????” Brandon Weeden. I mean really… he’s worse than Couch?

    Please remove the curse from Greg Jones’s hands… and his head from his ass. I know he played at N. Carolina… which angers you greatly… but seriously… he’s a Brown now.

    For these gifts… Thy Bounty. Though Bernie… and Haslam… Amen.

  • subadai

    Lord, I mean Greg Little.