NFL News: Richardson, Haag, Cameron, Ogbonnaya Return to Practice; Haden Still Participating

Trent Richardson was a full participant in practice again Wednesday, and from accounts of practice open to the media,1 didn’t have any trouble or lingering effects from practice Monday or his surgery.

Coach Pat Shurmur didn’t expand much on Richardson’s condition-

“(On how Trent Richardson looked in practice on Monday)- “Trent practiced well.” (On if Richardson had any after affects)- “He looks great.””

Richardson was upbeat and answered questions as well-

“I’m very confident in my knee.”

Joe Haden was also a full participant in practice today, fueling speculation that he will be available for Sunday’s game.

  1. or perhaps more accurately some media []

  • Harv 21

    Begs 3 questions:
    – is Trent Richardson ready to play this week?
    – will Trent Richardson play on Sunday?
    – can you tell us if Trent Richardson will definitely play Sunday?

  • Wow

    Nice to see the Browns are still a wealth of information and knowledge.

  • mgbode

    well, they can’t ask Holmgren if he’s going to coach the team until we lose a game; now can they?