Joe Haden Apologizes to Fans Through Twitter Account

Suspended Browns cornerback Joe Haden acknowledged the Cleveland fans and apologized for his actions that led to a four game suspension for a performance enhancing substance-

Haden has been relatively quiet on the social media platform, the apology was just his second tweet during the month of September. Before the rumors began circulating about an impending suspension for recreational adderall use, Haden was one of the most active Browns players on the social network.

Haden reportedly went locker to locker following Sunday’s game against the Eagles and apologized to teammates for his impending suspension.

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  • that is a great start.

    please be smart and come back ready to dominate.

  • Shrek


  • Well if he apologized on twitter all is forgiven.

  • Kildawg

    I think he’s learned his lesson and will be a Pro Bowl CB next year (given that he’s ineligible this year. As soon as he comes back, he will wreak havoc at home vs the bungles.

  • Mattunderwood

    No problem joe. We would have lost all 4 of those games even if you had played #Nostradamus

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’t might have seemed more genuine if he’d have looked directly into a recording camera and said it but hey I’m sure that was one helluva party huh Joe and you were dressed to kill!

  • seth

    You are still a top 5 corner in the league, and please resign with us in a couple of years. u have truly embraced Cleveland and the culture.