How were your predictions? – Eagles vs. Browns

I apologize for not getting this done earlier in the week. Remember this year, instead of doing “The Browns Will Win If…” we are boiling it down to a reader’s survey. 200-ish of you filled it out last week prior to the Bengals game with your expectations. Here’s how you/we did.

The final score for the game was Eagles 17 – Browns 16. Browns fans predicted the Browns would lose 27-16. I’m actually impressed with that accuracy. Even for all the disappointment in Brandon Weeden’s performance along with the rest of the offense, our expectations for Browns’ scoring turned out to be perfect. I guess Browns fans never could have guessed that Mike Vick would have been so bad and/or that LeSean McCoy wouldn’t get more of a chance to run wild on the team.

In terms of sacks, the majority of people said that Weeden would get sacked three times. In the end, Weeden was only sacked twice, but the Eagles were also credited with four QB hits. Just a bit pessimistic I guess, but still not bad.

Nobody was pessimistic enough in terms of Browns QBs being intercepted. 49% predicted that the Browns would throw only one interception. Two people predicted correctly that Weeden would throw four. And 15 people feel ripped off today that Greg Little doesn’t get credited with one of those, as they selected three as their answer. Should be an interesting category this week against the Bengals as Browns fans might be negative, but the Bengals aren’t the Eagles either.

The Browns picked off Michael Vick four times and nobody predicted four interceptions for the Browns. 64% of you said the Browns would get one pick, while there was nearly an even 17% split between zero and two interceptions.

45% of Browns fans predicted that the Browns would score two touchdowns, and 38% thought one. 3% said zero and 12% said three. It kind of surprises me how optimistic Browns fans were on this one. Considering that the lone TD was a D’Qwell Jackson defensive touchdown, it is all the gloomier for this weekend’s predictions against the Bengals.

50% of you said the Browns would give up three touchdowns. 16% said the Browns would give up two touchdowns. The twos win the day and the Browns defense (or Andy Reid’s gameplan) made it so.

The Browns gave up 150 yards on the ground and 29% were in that ballpark. Key here is that 81% of Browns fans thought the Eagles would rush for 100 yards at least. Only 2% suggested it would be 75 yards or less.

The Browns rushed for 99 yards on the day including one of the most meaningless 25 yard scrambles to end the first half. 50% thought the Browns would get between 75-100 yards while 27% thought 100-125. Pretty good prognostication there, although there probably aren’t many would would have predicted 25 yards under Weeden’s name in the box score.

The Browns gave up 317 yards passing and only 3% thought that number would be reached. 45% said between 201-250. The Browns passed for 118 yards and only 16% were in the right category there. 40% said it would be between 151 and 200 yards.

Lastly the least conclusive category… how long will the game be competitive? 31% said second quarter. 26% said third quarter. 28% said fourth quarter. Maybe it’s a bad question. We’ll see if that’s the case or if we just needed to see a week to get a sense of it.

Don’t forget to fill out your survey for this week’s game against the Bengals.


  • mgbode

    most of those are shockingly accurate considering that everything is guesswork this early in a season when everyone is trying to figure themselves out.