Cleveland Browns Game 3: Winners and Losers

Who caught your eye? Did someone stand out? Who blew it? That’s what were interested in this morning. Winners and losers.

This was one of those games that many had circled on the schedule as a potential win. You can erase that circle. The Browns started slow and finished slow. The middle wasn’t awful. How’s that for analysis? Let’s get it started…

LOSER: Eric Hagg. Wow. He went from a guy the Browns were “very excited about” in the preseason and elevated to a starting spot to inactive in a week.

LOSER: Defensive Ends. Ryan Fitzpatrick had not been sacked heading into the week three match-up with the Browns. He will carry the same distinction into week four. There were a small handful of times they got a little pressure on the Bills QB, but nothing substantial. About the best thing the defensive line did was shut down the wildcat and the DTs got their hands on a couple of passes and knocked them down.

WINNER: Trent Richardson. What? You’re giving a guy that ran for only 27 yards a winner distinction? Yes. And that’s about where we are as Browns fans at this point. I do so because Richardson showed some signs of being a special player again this week. There is reason for hope with Richardson. Come on, he’s shown you more in the last two games than you have seen in two+ years in Hardesty. And he has three more TDs than Montario already.

LOSER: Joe Haden. Once again, Haden’s decision to take something on the banned substance list put his teammates in a difficult spot.

Ok. That should get the discussion going. How about you? Who are your winners and losers?

  • Dee P

    Just wait until the long ball starts hitting – which it will, very soon. When that occurs, everything is going to open up, and this offense will fly….big time.

  • cmm13

    I dunno… Spelling the team presidents name wrong and then right within 3 words of each was impressive as well.

  • Garry_Owen

    Quit baiting me, Moriarity.

  • Garry_Owen

    You can, but you can’t then write another sentence after it. Duh.
    (See, that’s how it’s done.)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I am calling the authorities I finally discovered who has been illegally partaking of my Kool-Aid supply! I wish I could share in your assessment but I can’t not after three games. It’s going to take alot more to convince me that Weeden is better then Dalton let alone Flacco or Roethlisberger.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Just for the record, you responded to my comment and I wanted to make clear that I wasn’t down on Weeden’s game yesterday. I thought he did a good job with what he had, and I still maintain that he will end up being our best QB since Bernie Kosar. That’s not really a tall mountain to climb, but still worth something. I completely forgot about that BS holding call on Mack… that was a really good play from Weeden.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I don’t know about that… remember, not even Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers hits every open receiver on deep throws… they’re tough to time correctly. Once again Weeden had a deep throw that hit a tight end right in the hands and it was dropped. It’s a tough catch, but you expect Cameron to come down with it seeing as he’s more WR than TE. I agree with your first comment about Weeden though… I’d like to see him get a little more pissed off about losing. He had a mentality that I think was somewhat in the realm of “I did just about all I could to give us the lead and got no help from the rest of you chumps.” But that doesn’t mean that he should feel okay with how he performed… his performance is directly linked to the failure of the offensive line and the receivers. Demand more from them.

  • MrCleaveland

    Release the hounds.

    (Apropos of nothing. Just a favorite saying.)

  • Jaker

    Losers, and there are many:
    Loser: Pat Shurmur. Need I explain?
    Loser: The City of Cleveland. 8 home games a year and I have a feeling no one will want to go to them.
    Loser: Browns fans everywhere. I’m in Jersey, dealing with fans that experience winning really stinks this time of the year. You all can relate.
    Loser: Montario Hardesty. Why is he on this team? We play two RBs a game yet we have 4 on the 53. Smelley anyone?…
    Loser: Owen Marecic: our RB gets 27 yards, with no help from his FB. Heck doesn’t want to part with a 4th rounder, but must. Smelley???
    Loser: Greg Little. If he’s a #1 WR, we will never be good. He’s not a threat at all. I have no confidence in him.
    Loser: Fujita/Watson/Sheldon. They are supposed to be team leaders, but are looking overwhelmed and at the end of their careers.
    Loser: White Jerseys. So far, through two games, we have played like poop wearing them, bring back the Browns!

    Winners, there are a few, as hard as that is to believe:
    Winner: Jordan Cameron. Why aren’t we playing him more? He actually looked good.
    Winner: Billy Winn. I saw him making some plays, looking like a good late pick so far.
    Winner: Travis Benjamin. He just keeps making plays. I like him.
    Winner: BRAD SMELLEY. He Deserves a chance! Break out the secret weapon!!! ANGER CONSUMES ME!!!

    Wow, that felt good. Thank you for letting me let that out.

  • I strongly disagree with your interpretation. The whistle clearly blew, and DQ still proceeded to lay the guy out. The fact that he tried to cover by helping the guy up means nothing. It was another mental mistake by someone who is held up as a defensive leader. He has to be smarter than that.

  • Clown Baby

    He has to hit a deep throw at some point. He had two chances Sunday and whiffed on both, one overthrow and one underthrow. He hasn’t proven he can hit them yet and as a result, defenses are loading up on and stuffing the run. I’m not saying he has to hit every one, but he has to hit ONE! Isn’t his big, sexy, pale arm the reason the Browns picked him? But yeah, on Weeden he should be getting killed just as much as Little today.

  • Harv 21

    Ah, we’ve been waiting, Mr. Joyce. Welcome.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    I’m still in this category as well. I hate the losing as much as anyone, and I get wrapped up in it as much as anyone here…but at the end of the day, it’s a football game. It’s diversion from reality for a few hours a week. If all you do is focus on the bad and not even let yourself enjoy the few things that go right, what’s the point? This is supposed to be fun…and I know it’s a lot more fun when we win, it can still be fun if you look for things to enjoy about the team instead of pissing an moaning about every little thing they do wrong.

    I was at the game yesterday, we got there early and tailgated and had a damn good time, regardless of the outcome. Just imagine how much fun it’s going to be when they start winning. I hate it when they lose…but I’m not going to let it dictate my mood and ruin my weekend and make me perpetually cynical and negative. I used to do that…but I decided life is too short to let a football team have that kind of power over me.

    Looking forward to Thursday night…

  • Carl

    weeden is merely average, doens’t think well under pressure, and his field vision is average to poor. I’m concerned that he doesn’t seem to acknowledge his shortcomings, with comments, “he had a solid day!” Give me a break!

  • Dee P

    My bad Pat – my comment was meant as a reply to Clownbaby.

  • Dee P

    Great to hear I’m not alone!

  • Also agree on Weeden. Fairly good turnaround by him after week 1. Down field accuracy is clearly a work in process, and he made some poor decisions in the 2nd half where he completed passes for losses instead of throwing the ball away, but none of this is unexpected for an NFL rookie QB.

  • Argh!

    Losers: shurmur, holmgren, little, mo mass (looked good but is made of glass), weeden (how many deep balls have to be misplaced before people stop calling that his strength).

    Winners: camron, Richardson

  • Garry_Owen

    Interesting stat from yesterday regarding rookie QBs: Weeden lost, Griffin lost, Luck lost, and Tannehill lost. Unless Wilson wins tonight (I doubt it), rookie QBs were winless in Week 3.
    I don’t think, though, that any of these teams are disappointed with their rookies. They are all experiencing some growing pains. I’m happy with where Weeden is right now. No way he’s a “loser” from yesterday.

  • Steve

    I’ve got one I’m not seeing much mention of….
    Winner: Mitchell Schwartz. He was up against Mario Williams, who is quite a handful and one of the best defensive ends in the game and for being a rookie, he did a pretty damn good job handling him.

  • Dee P

    True. I agree for the most part. Except the times Williams beat him, were really, really……really….bad times. Where we needed a big play.