Browns DB Sheldon Brown was Active to Keep Streak Alive

Cleveland Browns veteran cornerback Sheldon Brown was active on Sunday, playing one play, which kept his consecutive games played streak in tact at 162.

Missing most of the week’s practices due to a shoulder injury, Brown did not start in Sunday’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals; second-year cornerback Buster Skrine drew coverage opposite of Dimitiri Patterson. Taking up one of the spots on the team’s active roster, it appears that this decision was made solely out of respect for Brown.

“I’ve mentioned it before,” said Browns head coach Pat Shurmur on Monday afternoon. “I’ve been with Sheldon a long time and I’m a big Sheldon Brown fan, and I’m his coach.

“He was in the game. Those are important things to him as an individual. I think if you ask an unselfish guy like Sheldon, he will tell you, he would give up a streak for a victory. I think that’s what you’d get from him.”

The Browns defensive backfield, without Brown and the suspended Joe Haden, had a rough afternoon, giving up several long pass plays for touchdowns. Shurmur stated that Brown has improved and his role will be different in the coming weeks, and that his shoulder injury will not likely be an issue going forward. The team may also opt to play rookie cornerback Trevin Wade on the outside, keeping the slightly smaller Skrine in the slot.

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  • Garry_Owen

    Come on, everybody now!
    Love this guy. He is much better than people acknowledge. 162 games as a DB is no joke – from both a talent and durability perspective. That’s awesome, even if he only got the number because of a token play.

  • Kildawg

    He also adds a vital leadership factor for the otherwise young secondary. hopefully Joe Haden and T.J. Ward can step up leadership-wise next year (sooner is better).

  • BenRM

    …that’s kind of cheap. I know it happens, but still….

  • Jay

    I would love to see him move to the Safety position. Even though he provides that veteren leadership, I think he’s a liability at corner.

  • zonk

    Brandon Jackson was not active but Hardesty was (and not used). Then you have this, where a guy who not capable of playing health-wise wanted to keep a streak going and because of this the Browns weakest position on Sunday was made weaker? Are you kidding me? Get these clowns out of here by Halloween Mr. Haslam…

  • mgbode

    over-react much?

  • mgbode

    the only issue with him at safety is that I want my safeties to tackle well. too often last year Sheldon was back-tracking on plays and put himself in poor tackling position (or blocked). once he gets his hands on the runner, he is a sure-tackler, but he had issues getting there last season.

    now, after Sunday’s game, one could argue that wouldn’t be any worse than the secondary tackling we had anyway. and, I would agree.

  • zonk

    I have under-reacted since the early 80s. Just want to see a winner and no one was capable of producing one. Majority of fans in Cleveland are in love with a QB with a winning % of .000 who is also a few months younger than me. I hope they are right and that he develops into an elite QB and he along with T-Rich lead us to a Super Bowl. I will gladly eat crow and celebrate a championship. I have no reason to believe that is a realistic possibility with Mike Holmgren as President who is currently 9-25 in that position.

  • mgbode

    who is in love with Weeden? he had a decent game of check-downs and a couple nice out passes.

    but, that is beside the point, your comment was that having Brown active hurt our secondary. we didn’t have anyone else who was going to help there, so I doubt it had any effect. same with Hardesty (he was there as insurance for T-Rich).

  • zonk

    Maybe you are right about no other DB available, however Sheldon Brown should not be on this team as anything other than either a safety or a DB coach, that’s it. Also, If you think Brandon Jackson does not offer more than Hardesty does at this point, then you are being intellectually dishonest or Bob LaMonte is your agent. Montario is the 4th best option at RB currently, and he is only #2 on the depth chart because of where he was drafted.