Boxscore: Indians 5, Rangers 4

For the three of us that saw it, this was an unexpected treat.  A Matola jack. A Kipnis smash.  A ninth inning comeback.  Reminded me of better days.

WP: S. Maine (1-0) S: C. Perez (36) LP: J. Nathan (2-4)

Scoring Summary
Bot 4th: Texas
– M. Young singled to shallow right, A. Beltre scored, N. Cruz to third
– M. Moreland grounded into fielder’s choice, M. Young out at second, N. Cruz scored, M. Moreland to second on shortstop B. Lillibridge’s fielding error
Top 6th: Cleveland
– M. LaPorta homered to deep center, V. Rottino scored
Bot 8th: Texas
– N. Cruz safe at first on third baseman J. Hannahan’s fielding error, E. Andrus scored, A. Beltre to second
– M. Young singled to center, A. Beltre scored, N. Cruz to second
Top 9th: Cleveland
– E. Carrera homered to deep right
– J. Kipnis homered to deep right, J. Donald scored
E. Carrera cf412110200.265
B. Lillibridge ss300001102.187
    R. Canzler ph101000000.289
    J. Donald pr010000000.195
    A. Cabrera ss000000000.267
J. Kipnis 2b511210104.254
C. Santana dh-c503000002.250
V. Rottino lf311000001.091
M. LaPorta 1b513210102.231
    C. Kotchman 1b000000000.227
T. Neal rf301000001.200
    S. Choo ph-rf100001001.280
L. Marson c301000102.230
    L. Chisenhall ph100000103.275
    J. Smith p000000000.000
    S. Maine p000000000.000
    C. Perez p000000000.000
J. Hannahan 3b300000203.228
2B – C Santana (26, J Nathan).
HR – E Carrera (2, 9th inning off J Nathan 0 on, 0 Out), J Kipnis (14, 9th inning off J Nathan 1 on, 0 Out), M LaPorta (1, 6th inning off D Holland 1 on, 0 Out).
S – E Carrera, V Rottino 2.
RBI – E Carrera (6), J Kipnis 2 (67), M LaPorta 2 (3).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – J Kipnis 2, C Santana 1, S Choo 1, L Marson 1, J Hannahan 2.
Team LOB – 11.
E – B Lillibridge (7, field, throw); J Hannahan (12, field).
DP – 2 (J Kipnis-M LaPorta, B Lillibridge-J Kipnis-M LaPorta).
I. Kinsler 2b502000100.266
E. Andrus ss511000102.296
D. Murphy lf500000202.313
A. Beltre dh322001000.320
N. Cruz rf411100201.254
M. Young 3b403200001.269
M. Moreland 1b402000003.282
G. Soto c400000206.205
L. Martin cf300000100.186
    C. Gentry cf100000100.306
2B – N Cruz (36, Z McAllister).
3B – E Andrus (7, C Perez).
RBI – N Cruz (82), M Young 2 (62).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – D Murphy 1, G Soto 2.
GIDP – E Andrus, G Soto.
Team LOB – 8.
Z. McAllister6.08210601.374.15
E. Rogers1.00000201.092.60
J. Smith0.11201001.212.91
S. Maine (W, 1-0)0.21000001.800.00
C. Perez (S, 36)1.01000201.063.48
D. Holland7.07221711.174.50
T. Scheppers0.12000001.594.03
M. Perez0.00001001.563.96
A. Ogando0.20000100.962.93
J. Nathan (L, 2-4; BS, 2)0.04330021.052.83
K. Uehara1.00000100.792.25
IBB – A Beltre (by J Smith).
HBP – J Hannahan (by D Holland).
Pitches-strikes – J Smith 14-10; S Maine 10-5; C Perez 12-10; Z McAllister 87-65; E Rogers 15-9; D Holland 106-68; T Scheppers 7-5; M Perez 4-0; A Ogando 8-5; J Nathan 17-9; K Uehara 11-9.
Ground balls-fly balls – J Smith 2-1; S Maine 2-0; C Perez 0-1; Z McAllister 9-6; E Rogers 1-0; D Holland 10-4; T Scheppers 2-0; M Perez 0-0; A Ogando 0-1; J Nathan 1-2; K Uehara 0-1.
Batters faced – J Smith 5; S Maine 2; C Perez 4; Z McAllister 25; E Rogers 3; D Holland 30; T Scheppers 3; M Perez 1; A Ogando 2; J Nathan 4; K Uehara 3.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Mark Carlson. 1B–Angel Hernandez. 2B–Ed Hickox. 3B–Chris Conroy. Weather: 83 degrees, cloudy. Wind: 7 mph, out to right.


  • Natedawg86

    3 Errors? Didn’t watch, but if are not one of the teams with a lot of stars, you have to do the little things right

  • mgbode

    flipped between the game and the Bear v. Packer game.

    LaPorta was the best player on the Tribe last night. It was only one night, but he had at least 2 clean short-hop snares at 1B and he was raking at the plate. If only he could do this for a larger sample size (which he has proven pretty consistently that he cannot).

    Kipnis had a HR, but he looked really bad in his other PAs. His SO in (i think the 6th?) was terrible as he swung and missed at a ball that looked like a meatball over the middle of the plate.