Box Score: Royals 7, Indians 6 (14 inn.)

The Indians made a valiant comeback late after trailing 6-1, but they came up short when Tony Abreu singled home Mike Moustakas in the top of the 14th as the Indians dropped the second game of the series 7-6. The Indians had a couple of painful innings where they should have been able to push across the winning run, including in the 12th when Casey Kotchman grounded into a double play with one out and the runners on the corners. Even worse, the Tribe loaded the bases with nobody out in the 14th and were unable to push across the tying run. Jeanmar Gomez pitched lousy in three innings, allowing a six-run third, but the bullpen pitched 10 scoreless innings before Scott Maine gave the winning run up in the 14th.

Scoring Summary
Bot 1st: Cleveland
– L. Chisenhall doubled to shallow right, J. Kipnis scored, C. Santana to third
Top 3rd: Kansas City
– B. Butler singled to shallow left, I. Falu scored, A. Gordon to second
– M. Moustakas doubled to deep right center, A. Gordon and B. Butler scored, S. Perez to third
– J. Francoeur homered to deep left, S. Perez and M. Moustakas scored
Bot 6th: Cleveland
– E. Carrera safe at first on pitcher N. Adcock’s fielding error, T. Hafner to third, T. Neal to second, T. Hafner scored, T. Neal to third, E. Carrera to second
Bot 8th: Cleveland
– S. Choo singled to shallow right, J. Donald and M. Brantley scored, E. Carrera to third
Bot 9th: Cleveland
– A. Cabrera doubled to shallow right center, C. Santana and L. Chisenhall scored
Top 14th: Kansas City
– T. Abreu singled to shallow center, M. Moustakas scored
 Kansas City
D. Lough cf501000100.235
    J. Bourgeois ph-cf200000001.267
I. Falu ss612000001.375
A. Gordon lf410002101.292
B. Butler 1b611100202.313
S. Perez c412001100.300
    J. Dyson pr000000000.264
    A. Moore c100000000.286
M. Moustakas 3b421202201.243
J. Francoeur rf612310303.237
B. Pena dh600000103.243
T. Abreu 2b601100000.266
2B – I Falu (6, J Gomez); M Moustakas (34, J Gomez); J Francoeur (26, J Gomez).
HR – J Francoeur (15, 3rd inning off J Gomez 2 on, 2 Out).
RBI – B Butler (107), M Moustakas 2 (73), J Francoeur 3 (47), T Abreu (14).
2-out RBI – B Butler, M Moustakas 2, J Francoeur 3, T Abreu.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – B Pena 1.
GIDP – B Butler.
Team LOB – 6.
 Base Running
Picked Off – J Dyson (1st base, C Allen).
E – N Adcock (2, field 2).
DP – 1 (I Falu-T Abreu-B Butler).
S. Choo rf702201018.282
J. Kipnis 2b510003104.255
C. Santana c510003204.255
L. Chisenhall 3b713101103.283
R. Canzler 1b300000203.301
    C. Kotchman ph-1b400000006.229
T. Hafner dh210001003.224
    J. Donald pr-dh010000000.191
    C. Phelps ph-dh300000202.185
B. Lillibridge ss302000121.202
    A. Cabrera ph-ss401200101.271
T. Neal lf301000101.182
    M. Brantley ph-cf312001000.288
E. Carrera cf-lf502002001.272
2B – L Chisenhall (5, J Odorizzi); A Cabrera (35, G Holland); E Carrera (6, T Hottovy).
S – C Kotchman.
RBI – S Choo 2 (64), L Chisenhall (16), A Cabrera 2 (64).
2-out RBI – S Choo 2, A Cabrera 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – S Choo 7, J Kipnis 3, C Kotchman 3, T Hafner 2.
GIDP – C Kotchman.
Team LOB – 20.
 Base Running
SB – S Choo (20, 2nd base off J Odorizzi/S Perez), B Lillibridge 2 (13, 2nd base off J Odorizzi/S Perez, 2nd base off N Adcock/S Perez).
DP – 1 (L Chisenhall-R Canzler).
 Kansas City
J. Odorizzi2.02113101.644.91
N. Adcock3.22101601.442.34
F. Bueno (H, 3)1.10000001.041.65
A. Crow0.21222101.183.55
T. Collins (H, 11)0.11000101.273.38
G. Holland (BS, 4)1.02223101.393.00
T. Hottovy2.02001001.612.89
V. Mazzaro (W, 4-3)2.01001101.685.82
K. Herrera (S, 3)1.02001001.202.38
J. Gomez3.07662211.425.96
C. Seddon3.01000101.383.94
T. Sipp1.00000001.284.64
F. Herrmann1.01000200.852.55
E. Rogers1.00000001.052.44
V. Pestano1.00000101.042.37
C. Allen1.00002101.463.54
S. Barnes2.00000201.364.58
S. Maine (L, 1-2)1.01111202.609.00
WP – J Gomez, S Maine.
IBB – M Brantley (by G Holland).
HBP – T Hafner (by N Adcock).
Pitches-strikes – J Odorizzi 65-43; N Adcock 46-31; F Bueno 10-6; A Crow 19-9; T Collins 6-4; G Holland 27-11; T Hottovy 46-28; V Mazzaro 21-13; K Herrera 20-14; J Gomez 62-36; C Seddon 31-25; T Sipp 14-10; F Herrmann 20-12; E Rogers 16-12; V Pestano 13-8; C Allen 21-11; S Barnes 22-15; S Maine 20-11.
Ground balls-fly balls – J Odorizzi 4-2; N Adcock 6-1; F Bueno 2-1; A Crow 2-0; T Collins 1-0; G Holland 0-2; T Hottovy 3-3; V Mazzaro 2-3; K Herrera 1-1; J Gomez 7-4; C Seddon 6-3; T Sipp 0-2; F Herrmann 2-0; E Rogers 3-0; V Pestano 2-0; C Allen 0-1; S Barnes 1-2; S Maine 0-1.
Batters faced – J Odorizzi 11; N Adcock 16; F Bueno 4; A Crow 5; T Collins 2; G Holland 8; T Hottovy 9; V Mazzaro 7; K Herrera 6; J Gomez 17; C Seddon 10; T Sipp 3; F Herrmann 4; E Rogers 3; V Pestano 3; C Allen 4; S Barnes 6; S Maine 5.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Toby Basner. 1B–John Tumpane. 2B–Tim McClelland. 3B–Marvin Hudson.
Weather: 63 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 3 mph, left to right.