Box Score: Indians 7, Tigers 6

The Indians avoided the sweep this afternoon in dramatic fashion by getting to Tiger closer Jose Valverde in the bottom ninth to win the game 7-6. After a RBI triple by Carlos Santana that scored the tying run in Jason Kipnis, Valverde intentionally walked Michael Brantley and Ezequiel Carrera to load the bases with one out to face Lonnie Chisenhall. Chisenhall then lined one into right field over the drawn-in outfield to win the game. The Tribe stands at 61-86 and opens up a three-game series at home against the Twins on Tuesday night.

Scoring Summary
Top 1st: Detroit
– B. Boesch singled to pitcher, A. Dirks scored, M. Cabrera to third, D. Young to second, M. Cabrera scored, D. Young to third on pitcher U. Jimenez’s fielding error
Top 3rd: Detroit
– D. Young singled to shallow right, M. Cabrera scored, P. Fielder to second
Bot 4th: Cleveland
– S. Choo singled to shallow left, R. Canzler and J. Hannahan scored
Bot 5th: Cleveland
– R. Canzler singled to pitcher, A. Cabrera scored, M. Brantley to third
– L. Chisenhall grounded into fielder’s choice, M. Brantley scored, R. Canzler out at second
Bot 6th: Cleveland
– C. Santana singled to third, A. Cabrera scored
Top 7th: Detroit
– M. Cabrera homered to deep left, O. Infante and A. Dirks scored
Bot 9th: Cleveland
– C. Santana tripled to right, J. Kipnis scored
– L. Chisenhall singled to right center, C. Santana scored, M. Brantley to third, E. Carrera to second
Q. Berry cf501000201.270
A. Dirks lf422001000.312
M. Cabrera 3b533310102.330
P. Fielder 1b401001002.303
D. Young dh301101001.271
B. Boesch rf401100002.246
    D. Kelly rf000000000.179
J. Peralta ss400000104.249
A. Avila c100001100.247
    G. Laird c200000000.264
O. Infante 2b411000001.260
2B – Q Berry (9, E Rogers); M Cabrera (36, U Jimenez).
HR – M Cabrera (38, 7th inning off J Smith 2 on, 2 Out).
RBI – M Cabrera 3 (123), D Young (64), B Boesch (54).
2-out RBI – M Cabrera 3, B Boesch.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – P Fielder 1, J Peralta 2.
GIDP – O Infante.
Team LOB – 7.
E – O Infante (8, field).
PB – A Avila.
S. Choo rf501200201.278
J. Kipnis 2b411001001.252
A. Cabrera ss422001011.269
C. Santana c513200002.254
M. Brantley cf310002002.282
R. Canzler lf312100003.286
    E. Carrera lf100001000.245
L. Chisenhall dh501200202.283
C. Kotchman 1b301000001.226
    V. Rottino ph000000000.091
    C. Phelps ph100000000.071
    M. LaPorta 1b000000000.227
J. Hannahan 3b312000102.232
    B. Lillibridge ph-3b100000100.186
2B – J Kipnis (19, J Valverde); J Hannahan 2 (15, R Porcello 2).
3B – C Santana (2, J Valverde).
RBI – S Choo 2 (56), C Santana 2 (67), R Canzler (7), L Chisenhall 2 (13).
2-out RBI – S Choo 2, C Santana.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – S Choo 1, R Canzler 2, J Hannahan 1.
Team LOB – 11.
 Base Running
SB – A Cabrera (8, 2nd base off D Smyly/G Laird).
CS – C Santana (4, 2nd base by D Smyly/G Laird).
E – U Jimenez (1, field).
DP – 1 (A Cabrera-C Kotchman).
R. Porcello4.28423201.534.57
D. Smyly2.12110301.274.25
B. Villarreal (H, 9)0.10000001.132.36
P. Coke (H, 19)0.20000101.613.58
J. Valverde (L, 3-3; BS, 5)0.13222001.273.77
U. Jimenez6.05323201.605.43
J. Smith (BS, 3)1.04330111.263.32
V. Pestano1.00000101.032.17
E. Rogers (W, 2-1)1.01001101.112.54
WP – E Rogers.
IBB – M Brantley (by J Valverde); E Carrera (by J Valverde); P Fielder (by U Jimenez).
Pitches-strikes – R Porcello 91-53; D Smyly 37-24; B Villarreal 5-3; P Coke 12-7; J Valverde 22-11; U Jimenez 96-53; J Smith 17-11; V Pestano 8-6; E Rogers 31-17.
Ground balls-fly balls – R Porcello 12-3; D Smyly 2-1; B Villarreal 1-0; P Coke 0-1; J Valverde 0-2; U Jimenez 6-9; J Smith 3-1; V Pestano 1-1; E Rogers 1-1.
Batters faced – R Porcello 26; D Smyly 8; B Villarreal 1; P Coke 2; J Valverde 6; U Jimenez 25; J Smith 7; V Pestano 3; E Rogers 5.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Mark Wegner. 1B–Brian Knight. 2B–Wally Bell. 3B–Mike Winters.
Weather: 72 degrees, clear.
Wind: 6 mph, left to right.

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    This next series will be dubbed, the battle of the bottom