Box Score: Indians 15, Royals 4

This is very typical Cleveland, right? A day after losing their 90th game of the season, the Indians rallied back to score 15 runs today against the Royals. Seven of those runs came in a hectic top of the ninth inning.

The stars of the game: starter David Huff and the six players that collected at least two hits, led by Carlos Santana’s two homers. Yeah, whoever thought that sentence was possible in the first half of this season?

With the victory, the Indians (63-90) ensure that they will not lose 100 games this season. Win-win.

Scoring Summary
Bot 3rd: Kansas City
– A. Moore homered to deep left
Top 6th: Cleveland
– A. Cabrera singled to shallow center, J. Kipnis scored
– C. Santana homered to deep right, A. Cabrera scored
Top 7th: Cleveland
– S. Choo stole third, J. Kipnis stole second, S. Choo scored on A. Moore’s fielding error
– C. Santana singled to shallow right, J. Kipnis to third, A. Cabrera to second, J. Kipnis scored, A. Cabrera to third, C. Santana to second on right fielder J. Francoeur’s fielding error
– C. Kotchman singled to deep center, A. Cabrera scored, C. Santana to third, M. Brantley to second
– J. Hannahan singled to shallow left, C. Santana scored, M. Brantley to third, C. Kotchman to second
– E. Carrera grounded out to shortstop, M. Brantley scored, C. Kotchman to third, J. Hannahan to second
Bot 7th: Kansas City
– T. Abreu hit sacrifice fly to right center, J. Francoeur scored
Bot 8th: Kansas City
– B. Butler doubled to shallow left, I. Falu scored
– J. Francoeur singled to shallow right center, B. Butler scored
Top 9th: Cleveland
– E. Carrera singled to shallow center, M. Brantley scored, J. Hannahan to second
– S. Choo walked, J. Hannahan scored, E. Carrera to third, L. Marson to second
– J. Kipnis grounded into fielder’s choice, E. Carrera scored, L. Marson to third, S. Choo out at second
– A. Cabrera singled to shallow right, L. Marson scored, J. Kipnis to second
– C. Santana homered to right, J. Kipnis and A. Cabrera scored
S. Choo rf512101014.279 
J. Kipnis 2b632100113.255 
A. Cabrera ss532201001.270 
C. Santana dh633520101.257 
M. Brantley cf523001000.286 
C. Kotchman 1b601100002.233 
J. Hannahan 3b312102100.241 
E. Carrera lf511200003.240 
L. Marson c210003001.221 
2B – M Brantley (37, J Jeffress).
3B – J Kipnis (4, J Odorizzi).
HR – C Santana 2 (18, 6th inning off J Odorizzi 1 on, 1 Out, 9th inning off L Coleman 2 on, 2 Out).
RBI – S Choo (57), J Kipnis (70), A Cabrera 2 (61), C Santana 5 (75), C Kotchman (54), J Hannahan (28), E Carrera 2 (9).
2-out RBI – A Cabrera, C Santana 3.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – S Choo 2, E Carrera 1.
Team LOB – 9.
 Base Running
SB – S Choo (19, 3rd base off V Mazzaro/A Moore), J Kipnis (28, 2nd base off V Mazzaro/A Moore).
 Kansas City
J. Bourgeois cf400000001.278 
A. Escobar ss300000001.293 
    I. Falu ss111000000.355 
A. Gordon lf301000001.292 
B. Butler dh411100003.312 
J. Francoeur rf413100100.238 
J. Giavotella 2b400000001.235 
E. Hosmer 1b300001000.237 
T. Abreu 3b300100100.288 
A. Moore c311111101.333 
2B – B Butler (30, T Sipp); J Francoeur (24, E Rogers).
HR – A Moore (1, 3rd inning off D Huff 0 on, 1 Out).
SF – T Abreu.
RBI – B Butler (101), J Francoeur (42), T Abreu (12), A Moore (1).
2-out RBI – B Butler, J Francoeur.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – B Butler 1.
Team LOB – 5.
 Base Running
CS – J Francoeur (7, 2nd base by D Huff/L Marson).
E – A Escobar (18, field); J Francoeur (2, field); A Moore (1, field).
D. Huff (W, 2-0)5.23111111.002.25 
E. Rogers (H, 5)1.11111001.092.54 
T. Sipp0.23220001.314.76 
J. Smith0.10000001.213.19 
V. Pestano1.00000201.012.07 
 Kansas City
J. Odorizzi (L, 0-1)5.16331311.315.06 
F. Bueno0.21000001.131.80 
E. Teaford0.11221001.374.74 
V. Mazzaro0.02332001.726.30 
T. Hottovy0.21001001.643.68 
J. Jeffress1.23663002.085.25 
L. Coleman0.12110011.394.11 
IBB – M Brantley (by V Mazzaro).
HBP – A Gordon (by D Huff).
Pitches-strikes – D Huff 86-55; E Rogers 15-10; T Sipp 25-18; J Smith 3-2; V Pestano 11-9; J Odorizzi 87-55; F Bueno 9-5; E Teaford 15-7; V Mazzaro 16-7; T Hottovy 12-6; J Jeffress 40-18; L Coleman 15-10.
Ground balls-fly balls – D Huff 5-9; E Rogers 1-3; T Sipp 0-1; J Smith 1-0; V Pestano 0-1; J Odorizzi 6-10; F Bueno 2-1; E Teaford 1-0; V Mazzaro 0-1; T Hottovy 1-0; J Jeffress 5-1; L Coleman 0-1.
Batters faced – D Huff 21; E Rogers 6; T Sipp 5; J Smith 1; V Pestano 3; J Odorizzi 23; F Bueno 3; E Teaford 3; V Mazzaro 4; T Hottovy 4; J Jeffress 11; L Coleman 3.