Box Score: Browns 27, Bengals 34

Incredible improvements were on display Sunday in Cincinnati for the Browns offense. Trent Richardson put up monster numbers and Cleveland scored more points than all but one of their 2011 games.

Yet, the Bengals were in control throughout and led coast to coast. The Browns secondary looked suspect at best without Joe Haden and the solid second-half offense was just too little too late. In the meanwhile, Brandon Weeden set a franchise rookie passing record with 322 yards in a single game.

Scoring Summary

1st QuarterCLE – CIN
13:13Cincinnati BengalsCINTDReggie Hodges punt. Adam Jones returned punt for 81 yards (Mike Nugent made PAT)0 – 7
9:01Cleveland BrownsCLEFGPhil Dawson kicked a 50-yard field goal3 – 7
2nd QuarterCLE – CIN
10:27Cincinnati BengalsCINTDAndy Dalton passed to A.J. Green to the right for 10 yard gain (Mike Nugent made PAT)3 – 14
8:05Cleveland BrownsCLETDTrent Richardson rushed to the right for 32 yard gain (Phil Dawsonmade PAT)10 – 14
4:45Cincinnati BengalsCINFGMike Nugent kicked a 39-yard field goal10 – 17
3rd QuarterCLE – CIN
11:58Cincinnati BengalsCINTDAndy Dalton passed to Brandon Tate to the right for 44 yard gain (Mike Nugent made PAT)10 – 24
0:07Cleveland BrownsCLETDBrandon Weeden passed to Trent Richardson to the left for 23 yard gain (Phil Dawson made PAT)17 – 24
4th QuarterCLE – CIN
10:44Cincinnati BengalsCINTDAndy Dalton passed to Andrew Hawkins to the right for 50 yard gain (Mike Nugent made PAT)17 – 31
7:11Cleveland BrownsCLETDBrandon Weeden passed to Greg Little down the middle for 24 yard gain (Phil Dawson made PAT)24 – 31
2:09Cincinnati BengalsCINFGMike Nugent kicked a 37-yard field goal24 – 34
0:20Cleveland BrownsCLEFGPhil Dawson kicked a 25-yard field goal27 – 34


Cleveland BrownsCompAttYdsPctY/ASackYdsLTDIntRating
Brandon Weeden(notes)263732270.38.721320114.9
Cincinnati BengalsCompAttYdsPctY/ASackYdsLTDIntRating
Andy Dalton(notes)243131877.410.362331128.2


Cleveland BrownsRushYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Trent Richardson(notes)191095.73210
Travis Benjamin(notes)2157.51300
Brandon Weeden(notes)263.0400
Cincinnati BengalsRushYdsAvgLngTDFumL
BenJarvus Green-Ellis(notes)21753.61900
Andy Dalton(notes)341.3300
Cedric Peerman(notes)111.0100


Cleveland BrownsRecYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Mohamed Massaquoi(notes)59018.02200
Chris Ogbonnaya(notes)67312.22101
Greg Little(notes)55711.42410
Trent Richardson(notes)4369.02310
Alex Smith(notes)33010.01700
Benjamin Watson(notes)12727.02700
Josh Gordon(notes)155.0500
Joshua Cribbs(notes)144.0400
Cincinnati BengalsRecYdsAvgLngTDFumL
Brandon Tate(notes)37123.74410
Armon Binns(notes)56613.22000
A.J. Green(notes)7588.31210
Andrew Hawkins(notes)25628.05010
Jermaine Gresham(notes)4379.32200
BenJarvus Green-Ellis(notes)33010.01200


Cleveland BrownsXPMXPAFGMFGALngPctPts
Phil Dawson(notes)332250100.09
Cincinnati BengalsXPMXPAFGMFGALngPctPts
Mike Nugent(notes)442239100.010


Cleveland BrownsPuntAvgBlkIn20TB
Reggie Hodges(notes)446.5000
Cincinnati BengalsPuntAvgBlkIn20TB
Kevin Huber(notes)342.0030

  • zonk

    For Weeden, 88 of those 322 yards came at a point when the Browns were in a position to tie the game or take the lead. So 73% of the yards that Weeden threw for were at a point when the Browns were down by at least 2 scores and at least, for me, minimizes any sort of “record setting” performance.

  • I didn’t expect a win, given the shape the defense is in. I also didn’t expect such improvements from the offense, so all in all I’m pretty happy.

  • TSR3000

    That is the most annoying comment ever.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Sorry, but that’s just plain absurd… the Bengals weren’t playing a prevent defense at any point until possibly our last drive (but even then, I didn’t see it). They weren’t trying any less to stop the pass just because they were up by over a TD.

  • Wow

    Yeah he was trying to make a comeback, if anything it’s more impressive when your down in a game.

  • Toddyus

    The minute I heard Weeden’s performance was a rookie record, I knew someone would make this comment here… *sigh*

  • Jaker

    “Zonk”? More like… “poopface”…. Hahahahaha, GOT HIM!