While We’re Waiting… Super Teams, Cribbs’ Contract and Stirrups in CLE


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Yep. Good thing the new CBA fixed this. “When a child cries in the NBA, he gets to spank his parents. This is one lesson of the Dwight Howard saga, which is finally over, or at least on hiatus, until Howard says he won’t re-sign unless his team plays three home games a year on Mars, forcing the franchise to buy Mars rover Curiosity to make it happen.

In the meantime, Howard is a Laker, and how rich is that? He nuked his old franchise in Orlando, establishing himself as the best all-around franchise-destroying star in the NBA. He complained like Carmelo, got his coach fired like Jason Kidd, and ditched adoring fans like LeBron — and, like all the all-time greats, he brought something new to the game: world-class waffling, which hurt Orlando even more. ” [Rosenberg/SI]


Check out Craig’s take on the game against Detroit on []


“Cribbs enters this season on the last year of his contract. In the past, he has voiced his displeasure when his deal was not re-done, and last season, he voiced his displeasure at his limited role in the offense while the team was losing. He even asked to be put on more special teams. This season his role could diminish, or if things go the way he seems to expect when the games count it could increase.

Either way, he promised one thing: He would more quiet about his role.

“I just want to win,” Cribbs said. “If guys are capable in front of me and they get the job done, I’m all for it. You won’t hear me unless we’re not winning off the break and I know I can help us win. As long as we’re winning, I’m going to sit there and score 100 TDs on returns and make 100 tackles. The only time you’ll hear me is if we’re not winning and I can give us a chance to win. That’s the only time you’ll hear my voice.” [McManamon/FSO]


Could the baseball stirrup trace it’s inception to Cleveland? “Let’s piece together this puzzle as I have found them jigsawed apart. According to the Cleveland Indian Encyclopedia, Nap’s infection sidelined him immediately, he was out the next day. And according to Baseball Reference, his first game missed was June 30th (I had articles confirming the dates that I seem to have misplaced). Cleveland played 3 games in Detroit, followed by 5 games at home from June 26th to July 1st, including a double header at League Park against the Tigers. So unless my brain-pan has forsaken me yet again and given me the roofus-goofus, we can point to June 29th, 1905, during the course of a double header that Tiger shortstop Charley O’Leary slid into second spiking Nap Lajoie’s left ankle, which left untreated, beyond tobacco spit or rubbing dirt on it, got infected overnight, and nearly killed him. And with this, we have our date for immaculate stirrup conception.” [UniWatch]


Finally, A-Rod put his Miami mansion up for sale. Can you spot the Indians inspired artwork? [Sotheby’s]

  • mgbode

    first, we’ll see what the CBA rues once it is fully implemented with no sign-n-trades and huge luxury tax payments for repeat offenders. but, regardless, still cannot fix a player being a baby and wanting to force his exit (if he’s willing to take a paycut for future versions).

    but, how did his waffling ‘hurt’ Orlando? his signing the extension gave Orlando the leverage it needed to do a complete reboot and set itself up for a future without Dwight Howard. it is their own fault that they decided to re-up Jameer and not get rid more bad contracts when they traded Dwight. in fact, they could have also put some spite in their trade and just sent him to Houston (there has to be more to the story why that trade didn’t happen).

  • mgbode

    also, that article once again brings up the terrible point of giving Durant credit for re-upping with the Thunder. he was a RFA. he didn’t have much of a choice but to re-up (he could have signed the 1yr tender).

    name 1 elite star player that has left as a RFA or not signed their first extension. ok, name one star player that has left as a RFA. how about a pretty good player that isn’t quite a star (Rashard Lewis. Finally, got one).

    as we saw with Hibbert and Batum, if you are a good player, then your team isn’t going to let you leave via RFA.

  • MrCleaveland

    I like A-Rod’s Indian-inspired artwork.

    I wonder why he has that. Guess he just likes it.

  • What picture is it in?

  • MrCleaveland

    The second. It took me a while to find it.

  • SadFan

    The more I hear about those spoiled brats in the NBA, the less I want to watch…

  • Harv 21

    “You won’t hear me unless we’re not winning off the break and I know I can help us win.”

    So, if the Browns are getting beaten by better teams, and Josh decides he can help at receiver but the coaches don’t agree or think it more important to let the young kids play, well … where is that Mary Kay and her microphone? It’s a contract year so better dial up my loyal fanbase, before it’s too late for Josh Cribbs. Good role modeling, Joshie. Seems Braylon and Kellen taught you well.

  • Steve

    The NBA is the only place where athletes get spoiled? News to me.

  • Yup

    Pretty sloppy comment by the WFNY crew as anyone who follows the NBA knows that the CBA hasn’t even kicked in yet! Do you know how much the Lakers are going to have to pay in luxury tax in 2 years? Almost as much ad their whole salary outlay!! Trust me, the CBA WILL. Have a HUGE effect in a few years. In the meantime, go brush up on the CBA particulars…

  • Steve

    Do we think that the Lakers are going to be surprised when they get their luxury tax bill? Are we really that naive that we think they made this move without realizing the future cost? Of course they knew how much it would cost to acquire Nash and Howard, and they still did it without blinking. The CBA had no effect on them.

  • Yup

    Of course not but they are taking a SERIOUS risk and will NOT be able to turnaround and simply re-load. The CBA essentially prevents that. That is a LARGE difference…

  • mgbode

    they know that they can put this team together for a 2 year run, then tear it down for a year to get under the luxury line and play games around it.

    i don’t think the Lakers are going to hand out $60mil luxury payments. i could be wrong.

  • Steve

    What makes you say that? The Lakers turned around and reloaded completely despite the new CBA, same as they’ve always done for decades now. Why won’t they be able to when they next couple big contracts start to run out?

    And for a team they think can win the championship? Absolutely the Lakers can shell out $60 mill more.

  • mgbode

    once again, the new CBA is not yet in full effect. the Lakers have major decisions to make, but not for 2 years. the next 2 years are essentially free for them (normal luxury payments).
    and the revenues are much more evenly shared in the NBA. that $60mil would be coming straight out of them. most American sport franchises do not spend into debt. we’ll see.