While We’re Waiting…How’d We Get Here, Jordan Cameron and More Rankings

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“Because coming into the season, there was some thought that the young players that showed promise in 2011 would build on their successful (to varying degrees) years last year and would keep the Indians around in the AL Central pennant race, with the Indians needing a little luck and a lot of good health to perhaps make a push towards contention throughout the season. At this point, with September on our doorstep, to say that none of that has happened (developing players, pleasant surprises, health) is too sweeping of a statement, but it isn’t that far off-base. While so much of the focus has been placed on the failures of the past off-season, with Santana’s power outage, Masterson’s regression, Cabrera’s ordinariness, and Kipnis’ recent struggles, the players that looked like they could form a backbone to a team that resembled a contender disappointed and put the onus of production on a supporting cast that was poorly-designed and ill-equipped to assume it.

So what happened here?” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]


“If Cameron develops into a big-time player, the Browns will owe a debt of gratitude to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. When Carroll was at USC, he told Cameron he could make it in the NFL.

“I was a basketball family growing up,” said Cameron, whose sister Brynn played for USC. “The reason I made the switch, and I was just talking to Coach Carroll about all this — he really thought I had a future in football and I believed that I did, too. So when he told me that, it kind of tipped me over the edge and made me want to focus on football more and it helped a lot.

“He gave me some confidence that I could actually play this game and play it at a high level. Definitely that switch was all about me wanting to get back to the game of football.”

The reasons the Browns were attracted to Cameron are the same reasons he made the switch.” [Petrak/Chronicle Online]


“The taxing practices are now a thing of the past. During the first two weeks of camp, the pretenders retreated to the third- and fourth-string units, while the contributors rose to the occasion, securing time well spent on the field this fall.

Before camp started, Meyer said it was going to be hard-hitting. What ensued over the following two weeks can certainly be defined as rough and tumble. Every aspect of Meyer’s programs is well thought out, and the degree of difficulty in regard to practice is no different.” [Rowland/Eleven Warriors]


Matt Williamson made a ranking of the top 200 players in the NFL. The only Brown to top the top 25 was Joe Thomas at #21. Insider subscription required. [Williamson/ESPN]


Speaking of ESPN lists, the Uni-Watch rankings have the Indians at # 98, and the Browns at #59. Not a good showing in Lucas’ first uniform power rankings. Add in the Cavaliers ranking of 101 and you get a city average of 86. [Lucas/Uni-Watch]

  • mgbode

    Lucas’ NFL uniform ranking in particular seems random. The Dolphins that high? The new-Pats higher than the traditional Browns? et cetera

  • MrCleaveland

    Agree. Let’s see what his top 20 looks like and then we’ll get a better idea of where his taste is at. Tribe and Browns unis are definitely top 30-ish.

  • Browns for sure. The Tribe didn’t help themselves with those red hats at home.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Joe Haden was the only other Brown to make the top 100 coming in at #99 on Williamson’s list… with 32 teams, the average would be 3 players per team in the top 100, so 2 is probably about right for the Browns. Sheard, DQ, and Mack show up in the top 200, as they should. You could make a case that he missed Rubin, but not a bad list from a Browns’ perspective.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Top 30 overall? I disagree.

  • when this is rated 26 out of 125, that tells you all you need to know about the merit of this ‘ranking.’

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Really dont like those Uni ranks (in the one minute I scanned through them). I the little blurb about the Browns he does address my biggest problem with his rankings, but it still doesn’t make any sense……How do you not LOVE or HATE the Browns uniforms? We are so uniquely different from any other team. You have to put us top 30 or bottom 30.