What We’re Watching: Bears at Browns

No Brandon Weeden and potentially no fans inside of the stadium despite being forced to pay regular season prices, but that won’t stop us from analyzing the game from the comfort of our own homes. The home stretch before the start of the regular season, the Browns will be forced to use tonight’s contest to whittle their roster from 75 to 53 by the close of business tomorrow. You can see what we were looking for over the course of the last few weeks by clicking here, here or here — for our thoughts on tonight’s “contest,” we await you after the jump.

What We’re Watching…

Rick: For me, it’s all about position battles. I imagine the front office has the offensive roster 99 percent settled. The defense on the other hand could be a little more open. The guys at the back end of the defensive line depth chart are probably fighting for a spot or two, and obviously the linebackers (LJ Fort, Craig Robertson, Ben Jacobs) need a strong showing. Josh Cooper might need a strong performance to solidify a practice squad invite.

TD: To me, i want to see if Craig Robertson, LJ Fort, and David Sims can make a lasting impression to make this team. All three have shown nice things at camp and their stories make them interesting end of the roster adds. Also, I for one am rooting for Colt McCoy to have a big game and Seneca Wallace to fall flat. I maintain that what Seneca did to Colt, i.e. admitting to not mentoring him the way he should have last season, is more than enough reason to dump him. Colt has to be the leader in the clubhouse at this point anyways.

Craig: Two words: Adonis Thomas. Thanks to most starters sitting, this game will be utterly meaningless. That being the case, I’d love to see a ridiculous amount of meaningless yardage piled up by a bubble running back with athleticism, speed and a college track record for big games. He compiled nearly 200 yards in the Little Ceasars Pizza Bowl. Tonight’s game could turn out to be even more of a showcase scrimmage than that. Might as well see it from a dude in a Cleveland Browns uniform. Any fewer than 125 yards and I will be unhappy.

Andrew: Hmm, what am I watching for? I don’t know. I loathe the fourth preseason game. I think Colt McCoy should be the Browns backup QB. I think they should keep him, and I think he’s done more than enough in his time in Cleveland and in this preseason to earn the backup job. So I don’t need to see that. I guess the one thing I’ll be watching, particularly after reading Terry Pluto’s phenomenal feature on him, is the performance of David Sims. I think he’s also shown enough to have earned a spot on this team, but I’d love to see one more solid effort out of the guy to really make his mark and take that available roster spot.

Scott: Like Andrew, I’ll be watching David Sims and his continued pre-season clawing at the Browns’ depth chart. I’m very interested to see if Usama Young suits up now that his name has been placed on the bubble by several media outlets — I’m not saying that he thinks he’s D’Qwell Jackson-like invincible, but I’m also not sensing urgency in getting onto the practice field. Sims is a guy to root for, but if it comes at the expense of Young, this would be a huge swing and miss on the part of free agency. On offense, I’m looking to see what Evan Moore can do now that he’s been jumped by Jordan Cameron. A year ago, he was the exciting weapon. Now, he’s potentially fighting Brad Smelley for a spot on the 53-man list.

  • Depressed@Work


    I think you used despite incorrectly there.. the potential of no fans would be caused by the full ticket prices. If it were a packed housed, that would be despite of the high ticket prices

  • MrCleaveland

    “Widdle”? Man, you better hope Harv and Garry don’t see that. They. Are. Quality. Control.

    BTW, the Browns are favored by 3-1/2. Does anyone know anyone who has ever bet cash money on an exhibition game?

  • Garry_Owen

    Wha … What’s that? Who woke me from my slumber?
    Hold on, I’ll be right there. I need to go widdle.
    Ah. Much better.
    Now, what’s the issue?

  • Garry_Owen

    Let’s just say that the Browns have both “widdled away” and “widdled on” their roster before. This won’t be the first time. Speaking of which, anybody catch a Tribe game recently?
    What am I watching for? LBs, LBs, LBs, and WRs, WRs, WRs. Who is going to step up?

  • Bob Frickin Feller

    I really wanted to watch the Tribe again tonight. So bummed they are on right now. This team is epic in the way it keeps bouncing back in its attempt to break that franchise record for consecutive losses! Wow baby, wow. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    whittle while you work?

  • MrCleaveland

    Tough choice as to what I’m watching tonight: Browns scrub scrimmage or Republican Party infomercial. Hmmm, neither seems compelling. Maybe STO will replay the Tribe’s 12-7 loss this afternoon to the A`s.