Weeden: My Mistakes are Fixable

The mistakes I made were so small that they’re easy fixes. I work on them every day after practice now. The one, the fumble, when I was trying to dump it down to Jordan [Cameron], regardless of if it was or fumble or if it wasn’t a fumble, I’ve got to get that ball out quicker just knowing where we were on the field, knowing how good Phil [Dawson] is. That’s three points and I feel like I took away three points from this team. I can correct that by getting the ball out just a split second sooner. That’s something you get a feel with as the game goes on. That’s the tough part of only playing 15 snaps because you’re not really getting into the flow of the game. As a quarterback, you like to get into the flow and the rhythm of the game and get going. It’s tough in 15 plays, but that was the one I would really like to have back, just because it took three points off the board.

— Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, Tuesday, discussing his first preseason game in the NFL. Weeden was 3-for-9 with an interception, a fumble and a passer rating of 19.0. The 22nd-overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, Weeden is expected to play at least the entire first half of Thursday’s preseason contest against the Green Bay Packers.

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  • Brandon

    Lol ^

  • Garry_Owen

    What if he’s mistaken?

  • I’m glad he’s learning, owning up to mistakes, and saying and doing all the right things. The reality is that he’s a rookie, who’s going to make some mistakes. It’s his first freaking preseason game after all…and just 9 passes. Unfortunately, he’s probably feeling more pressure than any Browns rookie qb I can recall. Hope the added pressure doesn’t hinder the learning curve.

  • I’ll give the kid credit – he’s got the right attitude. I could do without the *was it or wasn’t it a fumble* part, but all in all, good for him. I hope he gets it fixed.

  • BenRM

    /Cleveland fan reaction

  • Steve

    Unfortunately, the reality is that, at 29, you don’t have time to make rookie mistakes. You should be in your prime and playing at your peak. Of course, you give him more than part of a preseason game, but the guy doesn’t have time to waste.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    If that fumble becomes an incompletion it drops his QB rating down to 13.3

    QB rating is stupid.

  • Dee P

    I believe him.

  • I hear you on his shortened window. I’m just not sure we should expect a 28 yr old rookie out of college to not make the same mistakes as a 21 yr old rookie. the 28 yr old just can’t afford to repeat them

  • Wow

    Maybe Pat should play him more than 15 snaps.

  • TSR3000

    Great point.

  • TSR3000

    I am still a believer. The crux will be, obviously, if we can give this guy some time to throw. I think if he gets time to throw, he can be way better than Colt and put up some points. However, I think Colt is probably better when the pocket collapses.

  • cmm13

    “..knowing how good Phil [Dawson] is. That’s three points”
    Uhm, yeah we’ve seen how good Phil is, we’ve seen plenty of his amazing three points.
    How about you go out there with a goal of getting 7…like…every time….kay, thanks.

  • cmm13

    again with the girl as my avatar. amazing!

  • cmm13

    “.. knowing how good Phil [Dawson] is. That’s three points”
    Yeah…thanks Brandon, we know how good Phil is. We’ve seen a bunch of his amazing three points over the past years.
    How’s about you get out there with a goal of 7 points…like…every time….kay, thanks.

  • cmm13

    I officially hate Disqus. Apologies for double post.

  • Steve

    So we get a rookie-mistake filled age 29 season, and we see him turn 30 and probably start his decline, and just as the Browns finally assemble enough pieces around him to get to the playoffs, we’re looking at a 32-33 year old QB – the time when almost every non-star QB has been replaced. Sounds like a typical Cleveland Browns move.

  • Steve

    QB rating in such a small sample is stupid to use – just like almost every other statistic in a small sample, QB rating in an appropriate sample is useable.

  • Steve

    I wonder why Tony Grossi is not complaining about this regime thinking field goals instead of touchdowns.

  • Well that’s a drafting issue, my friend. Sounds like you didn’t agree w getting a guy his age in the first place. That aside, we just have to realistically brace ourselves for some ups and downs this season, regardless of his age or draft position. That’s a fact. If he ends up giving us only 3-5 good years, then frankly that’s 3-5 yrs better than any of the other turds we’ve had lately.

  • mgbode

    but it’s still better than “the Dilfer rating”

  • mgbode

    well, when Kosar was 30, Belichick cut him for “diminishing skills”

  • Dee P

    It’s all relative to me though. Yes, Weeden is 29 as a rookie, and in a perfect world I wish he was 22. However, you can’t deny that he is unique because he hasn’t been hit around like a normal 29-year old NFL QB. His body, as a football player, is still fresh, and rookie-ish.

    I have no doubt he can be our QB for 8 or so years, putting him at 37. Giving us a chance to build around him, and possibly win with him as well.

    The key will be keeping him upright to reduce the wear and tear. That is obvious as the Browns spent a 2nd rounder on RT when play makers were desperately needed. Should expect plenty of more investing on the OL over the next 5 years to keep Weeden fresh to allow him to play for 8 years instead of 3-5 like we are concerned about.

    Look at Brady – He is 35 and still going very strong – because he is never touched.

    Brees, 33….Eli 31…..Romo 32….Peyton 36….Schaub 31….Cassel 30…..

    Not saying that Weeden ends up like some of these guys on the list, but point is, there is still plenty of room for QBs over 30 in the NFL….and room for 35+ QBs in the NFL….key is not taking hits…..our OL is improving, and combined with WC offense = Weeden getting rid of ball quickly, and not taking hits.

    That formula makes me fine with his age. Not perfect, obviously, but fine.

  • Steve

    The guys you listed over 32 are Brady, Brees, and Manning. So we’re expecting Weeden to be a HoF talent? Because, barring a few occasions, HoF-ers are the only guys who still play QB at that age. Best case scenario is that were looking at Trent Green.

    And while he may not have taken the hits, he probably has more wear and tear on his arm from playing baseball, I’m not seeing that as much of a net positive.

  • Steve

    No, I certainly don’t agree with a 4-win-talent team drafting to win now, and then doing next to nothing in free agency. That seems pretty counterintuitive.

    I know this town is desperate for just competent QB play, but I expect the front office to be a bit smarter than the fans when it comes to team building.

  • Dee P

    Ok….no. To be fair, I did say in my post that I wasn’t saying that Weeden ends up like some of the guys on that list. My point was, just because you turn 30 as a QB in the NFL does not mean you can’t play. Weeden is unique because he is completely different then the usual 29 year old QB. He hasn’t taken 7 years of hits like the others have…no matter how you spin it, that has to factor in some how. Bottom line to me on his age is that it’s a concern way down the list for me. I am more concerned with his production, growth, and leadership than his age….if five years from now he has finally anchored the QB position for us, and the Browns have become a contender….I for one would not care less that he was 33.

    Also, do not worry about his arm. Go ahead and worry about the age if you want, but the arm is in no way or shape a worry…no matter how many baseballs he’s thrown. This guy can absolutely wing it. Period.

  • pwndabear

    so your saying romo, schaub and eli have a maximum of 2 years left in the NFL?

  • pwndabear

    pysical skills are generally thought to peak by age 29 and decline thereafter. Most players improve greatly their first 3 years in the NFL due to the learning curve and only incrementally thereafter. A players performance is a combination of those two curves. Weeden’s physical decline will likely be masked by his improvement as a player in learning the league and the system, which means he will probably have his peak at age 33 or so assuming he stays around that long

  • TobaccoRoad

    Weeden’s only sin was staring down WRs. If he can fix that, he should be OK.

  • saggy

    I think Eli goes to the HOF, and I would say that Romo and Schaub had better start putting up numbers and wins if they want to last more than 2 years. i think both of those guys are on notice this season.

  • saggy

    i agree. this kid needs to learn. Colt and Seneca don’t need reps. Let’s keep the first-team offense out there a bit more. i dont feel like they’ve earned the right to take off too many preseason plays. they need continuity and can only achieve that by playing more. Wear and tear doesn’t really matter for us, since we’ll be out of it by October anyways.

  • JK

    I always brace myself for downs during football season, you mean we get ups this year too??

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    It doesn’t take into account fumbles, sacks, or rushing yards/TDs.

    Suppose you have two quarterbacks who complete the same number of passes for the same number of yards/TDs/Ints. Suppose one of those quarterbacks scrambles when the pocket collapses and adds another 30 yards on 6 scrambles with a TD. Suppose the other one is a statue in the pocket and is sacked 6 times for -30 yards and fumbles one away. Those two quarterbacks have the exact same rating.

    I would thus argue that it is not an appropriate metric for how good a quarterback is. Which I suppose is why it is called “passer rating” and not “quarterback rating” and this whole conversation is moot.

  • mgbode

    Cam Newton supports this comment

  • Ha. Seriously. An up or two would be a nice change of pace

  • Steve

    Steven Strasburg, along with a countless number of other guys could absolutely wing it, and then suddenly needed a completely new ligament in his elbow. Throwing a baseball at 90+ mph does serious damage to your arm no matter how you spin it.

    And I didn’t say that one can’t play QB at 30. I said that there are only a few non-HoF talents who last much past that.

    And the only way the Browns have the QB positioned anchored down exactly 5 years from now is because Weeden is a HoF or the Browns play as poorly as the national media expects and get the chance to draft Barkley. Now if the Browns think that Weeden is a HoF-level talent, then godspeed to them. But if they drafted him thinking that they can get competent QB play and a bit of an upgrade on McCoy, then Haslam needs to clean house entirely and beg the NFL to let the Browns re-start again as an expansion franchise.

  • Dee P

    We just simply disagree.