Video: Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden in Madden 13 Ratings Debate

Though they’re not exactly heavily featured, Cleveland Browns rookies Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden make cameos in the SB Nation video featuring the incoming NFL rookie class as they discuss, ever so modestly, what their ratings should be in the upcoming release of Madden 13.

For what it’s worth, Richardson will enter the season with an overall Madden 13 rating of 83 much in part due to an acceleration ranking of 96 and a “trucking” rating of 95. Weeden enters the season with an overall rating of 74 (with a throw power rating of 93, and throw accuracy at 83), one point lower than the 75 provided to potential back-up quarterback Colt McCoy. The Cleveland Browns, as a team, come in with an overall ranking of 75, the fifth-worst overall score in the NFL.

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(h/t to HHR’s Don Povia)

  • Dee P

    Curious to know what Richardson’s durability rating, or injury prone rating, or whatever the term they use now is. And just for laughs, I’d also like to see MoMass’ durability rating too.

  • Malik

    Hahaha Sanu’s responses crack me up…

  • Kildawg

    There’s defiantly an injury rating, possibly a durability as well. I’ll find out for sure when I pick up my owned copy from GameStop at midnight. One rating for sure is Joe Thomas at 99 OVR for LT and #4 should be rated in high 90s as well.