Video: Kyrie Irving Sings Duet from Grease

Kyrie Irving: Reigning NBA Rookie of the Year, connoisseur of musicals. The Cleveland Cavaliers point guard stopped by the Alan Cox Show on 100.7 WMMS on Thursday afternoon, discussed his preference for the melodically focused performance art, and wound up taking part in a brief duet with one of the show’s personalities, Erika Lauren.

Irving, in a recent interview with Cavs.com, dubbed Grease as “an awesome movie,” stating that he wished they would make a new one, “more for our time” due to the terrible graphics in the original. The shifty point guard unleashed his pipes several months ago in a video directed toward Cavalier fans, is slowly becoming the face and voice of the Cleveland sports scene.

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  • JStan

    Can’t say I could see #6 doing something like that when he was in Cleveland.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Um no and I wouldn’t blame him.

  • I will say, I do have audio of LeBron singing an Afroman/Shai medley from the spring of 2010. It was very impromptu, but it was after a win and the locker room was very laid back. Jamario and Mo provided background vocals. Was a once in a lifetime grab, in hindsight.

  • Du

    I started getting nervous when Kyrie was clapping. Nooooooooo!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    In the showers, together, wait, once in a lifetime grab in what sight? 😉 (Sorry I couldn’t resist I needed a pick me up today so thanks Scott)

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    Wanted to get a look at his hand. Just a wrap – no cast – good sign I hope.