Surprise! Brandon Weeden named Browns starting QB, Colt McCoy disappointed

Everyone knew from the moment Brandon Weeden’s name was spoken from the podium of the NFL draft that he would be given every single opportunity to be atop the QB depth chart to start the first pre-season game. Weeden had to get himself signed to a contract and in camp while also avoiding injury.

The Browns talked of competition and it might be coming as Weeden, Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace enter the pre-season games against live competition this Friday, but it hasn’t happened yet. Certainly it hasn’t been what Colt McCoy expected.

“I thought it would be a competition,” said McCoy following practice on Monday. “I would like to say I never took snaps with the first group.”

McCoy went on to say that he found out right before practice today that Weeden was going to be announced as the starter.

Again, there’s a lot of football between now and the opening game. Colt McCoy should get ample opportunity to show his stuff with Montario Hardesty and some of the select twos. Obviously supplanting Weeden isn’t likely, but McCoy should have known that ever since the Browns selected a QB in the first round of the draft.

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  • Harv 21

    Dang, kind of liked that Ford truck commercial.

    What is Brandon going to sell, a weed killer? Hard to make that warm and fuzzy.

  • Mike E

    I guess Colt is the only one that thought it was going to be a competition. I like the guy but, C’mon man.

  • yngpete

    Kind of feel bad for the kid after the beating he took last season. Class act even though hes from texas an all.

  • Mike E

    hopefully it’s just weed killer he’s sellin!

  • Bryan

    I am always surprised by the sentiment that we should feel bad for Colt because he took “a beating” last year. From what I watched, a lot of that was his own fault – he holds the ball to long, and his limited arm strength allowed teams to ignore about 50% of the field.

    Obviously he is a nice guy. But he was given 1.5 years to start and show what he could do, and he was really not a good QB during that time. That is why they drafted Weeden.

  • SDA

    and not weed?

  • Too bad Kate Upton doesn’t have McCoy’s brain. He apparently buys any line thrown his way

  • Mike E


  • JustWIN

    you sir do no know what you are talking about. 2010 finished off looking good with Colt behind center. in Comes 2011 with this West Coast OFF and no time to learn it. When you have a New OFF, No OFF Line, NO WR, NO RB and an moron calling the plays, it’s going to be really hard for anyone to put into that situation. with that said, it would have been nice to have seen Colt have a real shot behind center with talent around him. Either way i really don’t care who is behind center as long as they don’t pull a DA and win

  • Bryan

    So you think Colt still has a chance to be a good QB in this league? Totally cool if you think so, but I really can’t see it happening.

    I agree last year was tough, but he even with all of the challenges, he still missed a lot of easy throws and clearly had limited arm strength that limited the playbook. There is a reason the team drafted a QB in the first round and handed him the job – they don’t see McCoy as a legitimate NFL starter.

  • mgbode

    man, I had after preseason game 1 in the pretend pool. so close.

  • I wouldn’t bet on Colt being a good or great NFL QB, but I will go back in time a bit and look at the highlights from the New England game in Mangini’s last year. There was a reason for optimism with Colt McCoy and there’s no reason that he can’t get better and possibly even good enough to start in this league. I wouldn’t bet big money on it, but you know…

  • nj0

    Wonder if his dad can move him to a school district where he can start.

  • Henry Brown

    Did you actually watch the end of 2010? McCoy threw multiple interceptions in those games and the team played terribly.

  • Henry Brown

    I don’t see too many team willing to take the chance especially since him and/or his family has thrown both his current and past coaches under the bus on numerous occasions.

  • TobaccoRoad

    Did McCoy get a fair shot? Not really. But that’s often life as an NFL player, a job which will pay him in excess of $1MM over the next two seasons (provided he doesn’t get cut). And as someone who watched every single snap last season, I’m of the belief he’s just not that good. He’s certainly a respectable, nice, young man but I’ll be damned if I’m going to feel sorry for Colt McCoy.

  • nxmehta

    No one care what you think Colt… you had 2 years to show us something and failed. Your job now is not to be a distraction to the team, and you can’t even do that right.

  • Bryan

    Craig – I really like McCoy in 2010. But in retrospect I think he was executing very specific, limited, well designed game plans that played to his strengths. Once the league caught up with him a bit, he didn’t have enough arm strength or accuracy to produce when the D knew what was coming. I like the guy, but I think the league views him as a backup.

    Anyway, its Weeden time now. We gotta hope he delivers.

  • Scooter

    Yeah, I forgot how good we were with McCoy behind center. All those wins…very successful. Sarcasm.

  • steve-o

    It was competition. Weeden won. The fact that he took the reigns and did not give Colt much of a chance is a good sign. Colt’s job is now to be the best backup QB in the league because that is what will help his team. Odds are he will get a shot to play at some point during the season, so it’s good that he’s hungry.

  • Jay

    Great. You just gave Ray Lewis and/or Jerome Harrison a new nickname.

  • Harv 21

    hope you mean James Harrison. I think Jerome is waiting on his first nickname.

  • Zoinx

    Man I’m tired of hearing negative comments about Colt McCoy. Yes he has struggled as a member of the Browns but most of his struggles have been brought on due to the fact that last 2 seasons the O line was garbage, and WRs were practically invisible, as well as the RB drama produced by a very disappointing Peyton Hills. When you have nearly zero time to get rid of the ball, are constantly pressured and have no one to rely on to help you out, you tend to struggle people! Give the kid a break! I believe that if he had had some form of decent support, Colt would have found his niche and gone on to be a stable, productive QB for years to come! It makes me sick how easily you all throw Colt under the bus when most of the problems were not his own! SHAMEFUL!

  • Zoinx

    Well spoken my man!

  • Old Coach

    I’m with you Zoinx, the kid didn’t get a fair shot IMHO. There was a competition all right…….a weighted competition! Sort of like, okay guys the first one to run the measured mile course gets the job…..Brandon, you get a half mile head start.

  • After 3 preseason games, Colt is obviously the best QB on the Browns, Wheeden will be gone if Shumar can man up and trade him for some weapons for colt.

  • No Weapons to throw to so holding on longer to make things happen. If you think Colt is not so good, wait till you see Wheeden……….oh, 3 preseason games and Wheeden……………………sucks big time. You are a genius.

  • That’s because Shumer is an idiot. Like you!

  • Wheeden hasn’t delivered through 3 preseason games, what is he going to do when they start trying for real. Colt way better and more mobile, just needs a solid line and good receivers healthy, look what he had last year………….not much.

  • Colt just won the preseason competition, now what?

  • I agree.