Shurmur: Brandon Weeden did a Good Job

I thought Brandon [Weeden] did a good job. It looked like the game was slow for him. He was out there and he executed pretty well. I think he would want that one back on the interception. It was in tight coverage. The ball was a pretty good ball and we’ve got to make that play. I think for the most part, he executed in a way that I thought he would. Now there are other things we have to clean up – too many penalties, turning the ball over, some of that stuff we have to make sure we get cleaned up.

— Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur following the first half of his team’s first preseason game. Weeden was 3-of-9 for 62 yards, an interception and a 19.0 passer rating.

  • cmm13

    Sorry, I’ll say it.
    I didn’t see anything all too impressive.
    I don’t see anything all too horrible either.

  • Joe Murphy

    One nice pass and 4 oh craps against undisguised defense is a nice job these days huh. I’d hate to see him have a bad day

  • Joe Murphy

    By my unofficial count Weeden made 1 nice throw while resorting to oh crap mode on 4 others. Let’s call it what it is Schurmur, a lot of work to do.

  • Jared in LA

    Hate passer rating as a stat. Boo.

  • dave2o

    Just wondering If Shurmur was watching the same game? …….NIce young core of Players now lets find a COACH!

  • Pat Shurmur is a (insert word) idiot,of course he would say something stupid like that…only because he’s stupid!!!!Weedon looked average at best & as far as thinking about making him the starter is one of the worst idea that”The Idiot” has come up with yet!!!!!

    Jacob edit: Just a brief reminder to please watch the language. We try to keep this clean for everyone.

  • Henry Brown

    Is this satire?