NFL News: Browns’ Usama Young in Danger of Being Cut

He was the prize free agent in the Cleveland Browns’ 2011 off-season, but free safety Usama Young could realistically lose his roster spot just one year later.

Nate Ulrich of The Akron Beacon-Journalreports that Young’s status is very much of the bubble variety and that the former New Orleans Saint needs an exemplary final preseason game to make the team’s 53-man roster. Having already been passed on the depth chart by late-round draft selection Eric Hagg, the Kent State product appears to be in danger partly because he has missed almost all of training camp with what he said is a quadriceps injury. Young was reportedly the victim of a pulled hamstring, an injury which plagued him through much of the 2011 season, but this was refuted by the player.

“Being hurt, I can never look at it like, ‘Hey, they know what I’ve done in the past,’” Young said. “I know that this is a business, and they want guys out on the field that can play. I just rush myself to get out there. I’m like, ‘Forget what all the coaches are saying, forget what the media is saying, whatever, I’ve got to get back out there.’”

For Young and teammate David Sims, a player who has turned a lot of heads during the preseason contests due to his two interceptions — with a pick-six being negated by a roughing the passer infraction — the team would have to keep five safeties. The Browns’ roster, currently standing at 75 players, must be down to 53 by Friday evening.

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  • Milli

    Unless your a star, being injured in training camp is a kiss of death.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Boobie prize if you ask me was never impressed by him. If he’s in danger of being cut then that’s probably a good thing because it means there are better alternatives available. That being said I wouldn’t mind seeing a free agent cost be damned or a high draft pick invested in the secondary next season.

  • mgbode

    especially if you are a former starter that was passed up by a youngster even before being injured

  • dan

    “He was the prize free agent in the Cleveland Browns’ 2011 off-season” LOL! This statement explains why their defense sucks because Usama Young was the “prize free agent” what a joke! He is a nobody

  • jmgatskiejr

    Typical fools gold type of player. Good athlete who looks great in uniform but the parts don’t equal the sum of a quality starting football player. Didn’t start in cajun country and whiffed more than he connected when he made it onto the field last season. Retaining Adams and letting him go would have been a wiser offseason course.

  • steve-o

    This is an easy decision. If you’re not a starter, can’t stay healthy and don’t play special teams your roster spot will go to someone who can at least do the last two. We’ve seen Young, now it’s time to see what Sims can do.

  • Jaker

    You’re, not your. Sorry for being a buttmunch