NFL Roster Cuts: Browns Cut Evan Moore

And the hits just keep on coming.

Shefter, Grossi and company reporting that the Browns have cut TE Evan Moore.

This one isn’t a huge surprise. Combined with the release of Gronkowski, it signals that the Browns have kept Ben Watson, Alex Smith and Jordan Cameron. It should also be good news for Brad Smelley fans.

Moore signed a contract extension last season, but hasn’t found much success on the field. Ultimately, his blocking probably had as much to do with his release.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I feel sorry for myself well until hopefully Moore gets signed by a real team with a real offense then I’ll be happy.

  • MrCleaveland

    Wow, now here’s a case of great promise unfulfilled. What the heck happened? Were we all wrong about this guy last year? Well I guess we were.

  • Harv 21

    I suspected Watson was going to be the surprise cut of camp because of his concussions and drop-off last year. But keeping 3 TEs is fine. They really need to use the roster spot for another LB who doesn’t make someone’s else’s last cut.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I just hope and pray Owen Marecic makes the team!!!

  • Krissy

    The browns are making a huge mistake letting Moore go! I wish him luck with hopefully a team that can actually win a game!

  • Big Z


  • Oso Johnson

    We must have been wrong, because Shurmur and Holmgren can’t be.
    I hope Evan lands someplace soon.

  • Chucky Brown

    20 bicks he ends up in New England

  • Chucky Brown

    meant bucks,

  • mgbode

    Heckert extended him last pre-season. We finally gave Moore a real opportunity late last year and he gator-armed a bunch of passes and hasn’t done anything this preseason to wipe that stench off of himself.

    So, Heckert was indeed wrong on him. A shame, really wish one of our potential plus-pass-catching TEs warranted making the 53man roster.

  • Data Mike

    He will be the next Keenan McCardell. Pro-Bowl bound on a team that has a good offense and gives him a chance. As a Browns fan, it pains me to see this happen over and over. The “good old days” are so, so distant. Depressing, and we haven’t played a game that counts yet.

  • LazyDawg

    Is it me or do the Browns have a problem with big athletic white boys? For instance does Hillis ring a bell?

  • mgbode

    so he is going to holdout 82 days on the next team that signs him and force them to trade him to SD where he will underwhelm?

  • mgbode

    we don’t seem to have a problem with Joe Thomas

  • jmgatskiejr

    From day one Moore’s value was in his ability to create mismatches on pass routes and catch the ball. Alex Smith was on the field more than Moore last year as was Watson and Moore had more tds than those two combined. Now we expect Watson and Cameron, who couldn’t make it through one preseason game, to catch passes for 16 games and provide a threat from that position?
    It’s simple, Moore was Mangini’s converted basketball playing tight end and Shurmur has his own in Cameron. The writing was on the wall game one last season when Moore was in for only a handful of plays and he still matched Cribbs for team best in season TD catches despite limited reps.
    He will get picked up, catch tds that Watson will be on IR for, Cameron will be on the bench for his blocking and we will be stuck watching Smelley and Smith.

  • Gyost

    Classic cleveland dropping players with talent

  • jmgatskiejr

    Moore replacing Winslow in Seattle is plain funny.

  • hops

    Does no one remember all hits mcoy took cause of his horrible blocking, really?

  • This was a bad decision…Evan Moore has been a bright spot in a dark era.

  • shadylamp

    Wow, seriously??! If you’re bringing in tight ends to shore up PASS BLOCKING; you have much bigger issues. Congratulations for being the first idiot ever to blame a tight end for quarterback sacks. Evan Moore out performed every tight end on the team and it wasn’t even close. He led in receiving and TDs in the pre-season. He had a 1.83 million performance based contract, so the Browns again going cheap; kept him buried on the depth chart so they don’t have to pay up. This is why are so bad every year.