NBA Free Agency: Cavaliers to Land CJ Miles

Free agent swingman CJ Miles is reportedly set to suit up for the Wine and Gold for the 2012-13 season.

Though the Los Angeles Lakers were said to be leading the pack with regard to obtaining Miles’ services, The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Miles has in fact agreed to terms with the Cavaliers. The deal, which currently has no compensation tied to it, is said to be for two years.

Miles, 25, drew interest from several teams during free agency, including the Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee  Bucks and Houston Rockets. His growing bond with Cavaliers coach Byron Scott and the opportunity Cleveland presented him reportedly played very large roles in his decision to sign.

Miles, a 6-foot-6-inch wing who averaged 9.1 points off the Jazz’s bench in 2011-12, made a two-day visit to Cleveland back in June. Per the Tribune’s Brian T. Smith, despite touring larger and more-successful markets, Cleveland was the team that Miles “always wanted to sign with.”

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  • Chucky Brown

    I dont necessarily think this means no gee, we definitely need depth at the 3.
    Unless were comfortable with a cj/luke combo

  • Luke may be there but surely won’t get more than 5 mins a night…… hopefully.

  • Luke may be there but surely won’t get more than 5 mins a night…… hopefully…

  • I’m a big fan of this signing. Miles isn’t a top line player or anything like that, but he’s young and gives us depth on the wing.

  • mgbode


  • mgbode

    agreed. he is no better/worse overall player than Gee. would love to get him back too, but CJ is a good get.

  • boomhauertjs

    At least it’s not Darius Miles…

  • JeBron_Lames

    I can’t even express how much I love this move. Miles > Gee in my opinion.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    CJ stands for Cunningham Jr!

  • Mike

    I’d like to see the Cavs resign Gee, bring him to camp with the rest, and then release either Walton or Azubuike, whoever looks worse. The Cavs are so far under the cap that paying Walton’s contract wouldn’t really hamsting them, and Azubuike isn’t guaranteed. A wing rotation of Gee, Waiters, Casspi, and Miles with a little Daniel Gibson isn’t championship caliber, but it’s intriguing with its youth and athleticism.

  • Lunch

    I’m afraid that he’ll be used as trade bait. But that’s if Gee doesn’t resign with us.

  • Twidget

    Gee can also play the 2. It would be nice to have a shut-down 2 for teams like Miami and the Lakers.

  • grahamhall

    Not gonna release Walton, his contract is guaranteed. Azubuike is likely to go

  • Jaker

    Is there a trade on the horizon? If we resign gee, which we should do, then we have a lot of players competing for only a few spots

  • tonebone

    who cares about the garbage cavs n their hating ass owner..hated on cp3 to Lakers deal..shame on u & ur sorry team lmao

  • Mike

    I should have said buy out Walton. I am fine with Azubuike going. He used to be decent, but essentially has missed the last three seasons. The odds of him playing at an NBA level at all are slim, let alone outplaying Gee and Miles.

  • we’re glad you care enough to read and comment.

  • dinner


  • Flash

    Apparently you care enough to come to a site devoted entirely to Cleveland sports

  • Shere Khan

    good, that was close

  • Jdogg

    Can’t believe he wants to play in Cleveland over the Lakers..Is this guy on drugs?

  • Shere Khan

    I rather have Barbosa, this guy is recklace, a total spark plug

  • ehsteve14

    Hey, I like the way this Mr. Tonebone thinks! Wait a minute, no I don’t.

  • TSR3000

    What a turd.

  • Wow

    Cool story bro

  • Yup

    floydrubino, is that you??

  • Mike

    Last year’s wings were Gee, Casspi, Walton, Parker, Gibson, and Harris. This year’s wings are Waiters, Miles, Casspi, Walton, Gibson, and possibly Gee.
    Last year’s bigs were Varejao, Erden, Hollins, Samuels, Jamison, Harangody, and Thompson. This year’s bigs are Varejao, Zeller, Jones, Samuels, Leuer, Harangody, and Thompson.
    In both cases I prefer this year’s groups. I’m not dismissing Jamison’s ability to score, nor am I ignoring his and Parker’s veteran leadership. I just also know that Jamison is a horrid defender and Parker was not what he used to be in that area either. I also know that the bigs and wings we have added are capable of playing the uptempo basketball that Byron Scott wants. This team fits together better. The only downgrade has been backup point guard since Sessions left. I would not be surprised to see this team push for a playoff spot.

  • Lunch

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that is him.

  • quickster007

    CJ miles use the lakers to get a better deal with the Cavs. Smart Move. The lakers is better off with Barboosa.

  • bodipb

    Walton and Gibson get traded before the end of the year.

  • Lakerross

    Although I am a lakers fan, I think the Cavs are setting the stage to build nice pieces around Andrew Bynum. They have the draft picks and cash that the Magic want and the cap space to add a big contract. This team would look good with Erving, Miles, Vareajeo and Bynum. The owner is a laker hater, but that deal is beginning to make sense for him and the Cavs. Any thoughts.

  • Cleveland was the team that Miles “always wanted to sign with.” according to cj miles you have got to be kiddin me, i think the lakers, heat, boston, oklahoma, san antonio would be more likely but com on man. Why not just say the truth for the money. See that was easy and good luck to u cj miles for loosing many games and not making a playoff . you have just wasted 2 years of your career dude yah good luck

  • yah i agree with u walton what has he done NOTHING for the lakers , he is a big stiff,5m for a year for this guy wasted money. sasha and farmer they stiff too and they are gone, get someone athletics please for the bench. The WORD ATHLETICS THIS message is for cupcake the general manager for the LAKERS