Browns Make First Cuts: WR Carlton Mitchell Among Them

The Cleveland Browns have made cuts down to 80 players. They have until August 31st to cut down to the 53 man roster.

The Browns have cut former 6th round pick WR Carlton Mitchell, who could never stay healthy enough to develop in the NFL. Mitchell is one of four wide receivers cut-

WR Carlton Mitchell

WR Bert Reed

WR Jermaine Saffold

WR Owen Spencer

OL Jake Anderson

OL Matt Cleveland

DB Emmanuel Davis

LB Jo Jo Dickson

P Spencer Lanning

  • brandonLs10

    how could you cut Matt Cleveland???? I mean….. that last name should count for something! I mean c’mon!!!

  • IpsilateralTontine86
  • FearTheRoo

    Tell Courtney Brown that…

  • Hopwin

    Er… Relevant fact that they need to cut down to 75 by tomorrow?

  • mgbode

    i’m shocked. wait, no the reports saying that Benjamin had to tell Carlton where to line up a few weeks back showed Mitchell’s true chances of making this team. turn the page.

  • bossman09

    he’ll be in Miami before the week is out.

  • BenRM

    Good. Now that guy at work can stop talking about “giving Carlton Mitchel a shot”

  • Kildawg

    Five more need cut today then 22 more by the end of the month to reach 53. Ventrone might be cut in favor of keeping David Sims, who has really impressed on defense. Ventrone is just a ST ace, not impressive as a DB. They should cut/trade Wallace but McCoy would land them a better haul. Don’t forget that we can stash 8 guys on the practice squad as well.

  • maxfnmloans

    awww hamburgers. Now I have to drop him off my fantasy roster