Box Score: Tigers 10, Indians 8 (10 inn.)

The losing streak has reached nine, though this one had some serious style points.

The Indians against all odds prevented a leadoff triple from ending the game in the bottom of the ninth by intentionally walking Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder to load the bases following a strikeout of Omar Infante by Josh Tomlin. A 3-2-3 double play sent the game into extras, where Travis Hafner and Ezequiel Carrera gave the Indians a lead with back to back homers. Chris Perez, however, blew only his third save of the season in tremendous fashion with the capper being a walkoff two-run homer in the bottom of the tenth by Miguel Cabrera to give the Tigers the sweep. The Tribe ends the roadtrip 0-9 and heads back home to face the Twins tomorrow night.

Get your popcorn ready and watch your Twitter timeline, folks.

Scoring Summary
Top 1st: Cleveland
– M. Brantley singled to shallow left center, A. Cabrera scored, C. Santana to second
– T. Hafner singled to shallow left center, C. Santana scored, M. Brantley to second
Bot 1st: Detroit
– P. Fielder singled to center, A. Jackson scored, O. Infante to third
Top 3rd: Cleveland
– S. Choo homered to deep left
Bot 3rd: Detroit
– M. Cabrera grounded out to first, A. Jackson scored
Bot 4th: Detroit
– A. Avila singled to shallow left, J. Peralta scored, A. Avila to second advancing on throw
Top 5th: Cleveland
– C. Santana singled to right, A. Cabrera scored
Bot 5th: Detroit
– O. Infante homered to deep left
Top 7th: Cleveland
– T. Hafner singled to shallow left, C. Santana scored, M. Brantley to second
Bot 7th: Detroit
– P. Fielder hit sacrifice fly to deep center, O. Infante scored
Top 10th: Cleveland
– T. Hafner homered to deep center
– E. Carrera homered to deep right
– L. Marson doubled to shallow left, J. Hannahan scored
Bot 10th: Detroit
– A. Jackson doubled to left, A. Avila scored, A. Dirks to third
– O. Infante singled to shallow center, A. Dirks and A. Jackson scored
– M. Cabrera homered to deep left center, O. Infante scored
J. Kipnis 2b600000201.262
A. Cabrera ss622000021.278
S. Choo rf511110202.288
    J. Lopez rf000000000.244
    S. Duncan lf000000000.222
C. Santana 1b422101000.236
    C. Kotchman 1b000000000.223
M. Brantley cf403101000.293
T. Hafner dh513310203.239
E. Carrera lf-rf513110214.583
B. Lillibridge 3b300000302.177
    J. Hannahan 3b211000000.234
L. Marson c502100202.256
2B – A Cabrera (24, M Scherzer); M Brantley 2 (32, M Scherzer 2); L Marson (7, D Downs).
HR – S Choo (13, 3rd inning off M Scherzer 0 on, 1 Out), T Hafner (11, 10th inning off J Benoit 0 on, 1 Out), E Carrera (1, 10th inning off J Benoit 0 on, 1 Out).
RBI – S Choo (41), C Santana (47), M Brantley (48), T Hafner 3 (32), E Carrera (1), L Marson (9).
2-out RBI – C Santana, M Brantley, T Hafner 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – J Kipnis 1, A Cabrera 1, T Hafner 3, E Carrera 2.
Team LOB – 9.
 Base Running
SB – A Cabrera 2 (4, 2nd base off M Scherzer/A Avila, 3rd base off M Scherzer/A Avila), E Carrera (1, 2nd base off B Villarreal/A Avila).
CS – E Carrera (1, 2nd base by M Scherzer/A Avila).
E – A Cabrera (14, throw).
DP – 2 (J Kipnis-A Cabrera-C Santana, C Santana-L Marson).
A. Jackson cf634100103.322
O. Infante 3b634310102.289
M. Cabrera dh412312000.325
P. Fielder 1b301201001.311
D. Young lf400000004.261
    Q. Berry lf100000003.284
J. Peralta ss411001102.261
B. Boesch rf400000201.248
G. Laird c100000000.288
    A. Avila c311101100.246
D. Worth 2b300001101.206
    A. Dirks ph010001000.333
2B – A Jackson (19, C Perez); O Infante (1, J Smith); J Peralta (23, C Seddon).
3B – A Jackson 2 (7, C Seddon, J Tomlin).
HR – O Infante (1, 5th inning off C Seddon 0 on, 0 Out), M Cabrera (27, 10th inning off C Perez 1 on, 2 Out).
SF – P Fielder.
RBI – A Jackson (49), O Infante 3 (6), M Cabrera 3 (91), P Fielder 2 (79), A Avila (31).
2-out RBI – A Jackson, O Infante 2, M Cabrera 2, A Avila.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – A Jackson 1, D Worth 1.
GIDP – D Young, Q Berry.
Team LOB – 9.
 Base Running
CS – B Boesch (3, 2nd base by T Sipp/L Marson).
Outfield assists – B Boesch.
DP – 1 (A Avila-D Worth).
C. Seddon4.17443212.318.31
C. Allen0.20000000.750.00
T. Sipp0.20000101.274.86
J. Smith0.12110001.173.18
V. Pestano (BS, 2)2.00000300.921.31
J. Tomlin1.01002101.435.75
C. Perez (L, 0-3; BS, 3)0.23552011.123.82
M. Scherzer5.010441911.414.72
B. Villarreal0.21000201.041.30
P. Coke1.12111101.603.65
O. Dotel1.00000101.003.25
J. Benoit1.12220021.073.10
D. Downs (W, 1-0)0.22110001.162.61
IBB – M Cabrera (by J Tomlin); P Fielder (by J Tomlin).
HBP – B Boesch (by T Sipp).
Pitches-strikes – C Seddon 80-48; C Allen 6-4; T Sipp 5-3; J Smith 10-8; V Pestano 23-19; J Tomlin 21-9; C Perez 30-13; M Scherzer 105-67; B Villarreal 15-11; P Coke 30-16; O Dotel 16-12; J Benoit 22-12; D Downs 20-13.
Ground balls-fly balls – C Seddon 7-7; C Allen 1-1; T Sipp 0-0; J Smith 2-1; V Pestano 0-3; J Tomlin 1-0; C Perez 2-2; M Scherzer 6-6; B Villarreal 0-1; P Coke 3-0; O Dotel 2-0; J Benoit 1-4; D Downs 1-2.
Batters faced – C Seddon 22; C Allen 2; T Sipp 2; J Smith 4; V Pestano 6; J Tomlin 5; C Perez 7; M Scherzer 24; B Villarreal 3; P Coke 7; O Dotel 3; J Benoit 6; D Downs 4.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Joe West. 1B–Sam Holbrook. 2B–Andy Fletcher. 3B–Rob Drake.
Weather: 82 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 8 mph, out to left.

  • Wow that was brutal. I am not sure how you come back after that. Maybe if that happens and it isn’t after 8 other losses you can recover from it. But holy crap. Is there any reason now we don’t see Laporta and Canzler play for the last two months?

  • AbsentFan

    Okay,..I’m gonna say it. Perez is just like Borowski (A.K.A “inferno”), he stinks. He walks wayyyyyyy too many hitters to be a closer. I’m sorry, I’ve tried to give him breaks, but today took the cake. I’m surprised Tomlin didn’t take a shot at him after the game since he was in line for the win. Don’t give me the save percentages for Perez either. Many times he creates his own problems and just gets out of the inning for a save. Pestano needs to move into the closer role and give Perez what he wants, a ticket out of here with a trade. One inning – five runs. Terrible!

  • playing left out

    stick a fork in them, they are well done

  • correction, two thirds of one…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    C’mon Pure Rage tweet me baby!!!!

  • mgbode

    yes, at this point, considering everything that has gone on, everyone at every level should be scrutinized heavily

  • Ritz

    I know how can be not be perfect!? Every other closer is!

  • 5KMD

    Just nit picking as I agree with most of your post, but I’m sure Tomlin not getting the personal win was the last thing discussed in the clubhouse.

  • 5KMD

    Start rooting for the higher draft pick. Twins are on our heels!

  • clevefan4life

    You knew it was coming. We could feel what was about to happen next. It was just like the 90’s, except so different. As much as you could just feel it that Manny was about to take Eck deep or Sorrento was going to complete the comeback, you could just feel the Chris Perez collapse coming. In the 90’s, we didn’t turn the tv or radio off because we knew we were about to watch something amazing. Now, we don’t turn it off even though we know it’s going to be painful, yet we still watch in dismay. In the 90’s we were at the top of the world and there was truly magic in an Indians uniform. All we are left with is memories of “What if.” What if that team would have won it all? Would these losses hurt as bad? What if the Dolans never bought this team? Would a different ownership have fielded a different result. What if we were strong enough to turn off the tv, instead of sitting through the pain of another loss and another collapse after the all-star break?

    Why do we put ourselves through? We knew it was coming. Not just the game last night, but the post all-star break collapse. This team, this ownership and this front office has sold it’s fans on the idea of the potential of this team, rather than putting a team on the field that we just knew was full of talent and full of magic. Luck doesn’t just happen, people make their own luck. The Dolans and this management have certainly made their own and the result is a game like last night and a season like 2012. I don’t know how much more the Dolan apologists can say because the evidence is glaring and right there in your face and in your heart.The difference between an ownership and front office wanting to win and hoping to win was the difference between a Tigers and Indians uniform. It’s the difference between the 90’s and today. I’m tired of hoping to win. Now, I just hope I can make it through the season, still a fan of the team and the game I love. I’m not sure I want it still, but at least I have hope. Maybe the Dolans can explain how they constantly deal with the disappointment.