Box Score: Tigers 10, Indians 2


The losing streak that has sent the Indians from above-.500 and in the hunt after taking two of three from these Tigers last time has now reached seven games. Justin Masterson got steamrolled again by a potent Detroit offense, as Prince Fielder put the game out of reach with two mighty swings, a two-run double in the third and a two-run homer in the fourth. Ezequiel Carrera had an adventurous debut defensively in left field.  Second base umpire Joe West made a really, really bad call in the top of the first inning that set the negative tone for the rest of the game. The Tribe is now 50-56 as Ubaldo Jimenez takes on Doug Fister tomorrow night.

Scoring Summary
Bot 2nd: Detroit
– A. Avila doubled to left center, B. Boesch scored, A. Avila to third on shortstop A. Cabrera’s fielding error
Top 3rd: Cleveland
– S. Choo singled to shallow center, E. Carrera scored
Bot 3rd: Detroit
– P. Fielder doubled to deep right center, A. Jackson and Q. Berry scored
Bot 4th: Detroit
– Q. Berry doubled to left center, R. Santiago scored
– M. Cabrera singled to shallow left, Q. Berry scored
– P. Fielder homered to deep right, M. Cabrera scored
Bot 6th: Detroit
– A. Dirks singled to center, M. Cabrera scored, P. Fielder to third
– A. Avila singled to shallow right, P. Fielder scored, A. Dirks to third
– O. Infante hit sacrifice fly to left, A. Dirks scored
Top 7th: Cleveland
– J. Kipnis grounded out to first, J. Hannahan scored, E. Carrera to second
J. Kipnis 2b502100201.268
A. Cabrera ss401000000.280
    B. Lillibridge ss000000000.183
S. Choo rf401100103.290
C. Santana c300001201.235
M. Brantley cf301000102.288
    V. Rottino lf100000000.000
J. Lopez dh401000101.248
C. Kotchman 1b401000102.225
J. Hannahan 3b310001101.235
E. Carrera lf-cf412000100.500
2B – J Kipnis (14, A Sanchez).
RBI – J Kipnis (56), S Choo (40).
2-out RBI – S Choo.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – S Choo 2, M Brantley 1.
GIDP – S Choo.
Team LOB – 8.
E – A Cabrera (13, field).
Outfield assists – E Carrera.
PB – C Santana.
DP – 1 (J Kipnis-A Cabrera-C Kotchman).
A. Jackson cf311002102.318
Q. Berry lf522100202.285
M. Cabrera 3b523100002.326
    J. Peralta ss000000000.258
P. Fielder 1b423411002.308
B. Boesch dh512000102.248
A. Dirks rf412101001.333
A. Avila c502200204.244
R. Santiago ss-2b310002101.216
O. Infante 2b-3b301100001.207
2B – Q Berry (6, J Masterson); P Fielder (23, J Masterson); A Avila (15, J Masterson).
3B – O Infante (2, J Accardo).
HR – P Fielder (18, 4th inning off J Masterson 1 on, 2 Out).
SF – O Infante.
RBI – Q Berry (24), M Cabrera (88), P Fielder 4 (77), A Dirks (17), A Avila 2 (30), O Infante (1).
2-out RBI – Q Berry, M Cabrera, P Fielder 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – Q Berry 1, A Avila 2, O Infante 1.
GIDP – P Fielder.
Team LOB – 10.
E – A Dirks (1, field).
DP – 1 (O Infante-P Fielder).
J. Masterson (L, 7-10)4.010774411.444.78
J. Accardo2.06331001.534.58
C. Allen2.00001300.820.00
A. Sanchez (W, 1-1)6.08212501.754.50
D. Downs2.01000301.031.86
B. Villarreal1.00000201.031.32
Pitches-strikes – J Masterson 82-48; J Accardo 36-24; C Allen 26-16; A Sanchez 105-65; D Downs 29-20; B Villarreal 18-12.
Ground balls-fly balls – J Masterson 9-6; J Accardo 5-3; C Allen 2-0; A Sanchez 10-3; D Downs 2-1; B Villarreal 0-1.
Batters faced – J Masterson 25; J Accardo 12; C Allen 7; A Sanchez 27; D Downs 7; B Villarreal 3.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Andy Fletcher. 1B–Rob Drake. 2B–Joe West. 3B–Sam Holbrook.
Weather: 91 degrees, clear.
Wind: 10 mph, left to right.

  • Garry_Owen

    Call up Columbus. Send down Cleveland.

  • Matt underwood

    Ha! Awesome.

  • Collin

    Brace yourselves, folks. The Twins are now breathing down our necks.

  • Wow

    I wish there was a love button for this comment haha

  • nj0

    And we’re still five games ahead of our Pythagorean W/L. Still a long way to fall.