Box Score: Indians 3, Twins 14

We surrender.

Scoring Summary
Bot 1st: Cleveland
– C. Santana grounded into double play third to first, J. Kipnis scored, A. Cabrera out at third, S. Choo to second
Top 2nd: Minnesota
– J. Willingham homered to deep left
– J. Morneau homered to deep right
– D. Span safe at first on second baseman J. Kipnis’ throwing error, R. Doumit scored, J. Carroll to second
– B. Revere singled to shallow center, J. Carroll scored, D. Span to third
– J. Mauer doubled to deep left center, D. Span and B. Revere scored
– J. Morneau singled to left center, J. Mauer scored, J. Willingham to third
– R. Doumit homered to deep right, J. Willingham and J. Morneau scored
Top 4th: Minnesota
– J. Morneau homered to deep right, B. Revere scored
Top 6th: Minnesota
– J. Mauer doubled to center, B. Revere scored
Bot 6th: Cleveland
– C. Santana homered to deep center, J. Kipnis scored
Top 8th: Minnesota
– J. Willingham grounded into fielder’s choice, D. Span scored, B. Revere to third, J. Mauer out at second


D. Span cf621000002.286
B. Revere rf534100100.331
J. Mauer dh513300101.321
J. Willingham lf421211203.263
    D. Mastroianni lf000000000.271
J. Morneau 1b533420003.275
R. Doumit c422310000.290
    D. Butera ph-c100000000.215
T. Nishioka 2b500000100.000
B. Dozier ss300002101.234
J. Carroll 3b310002001.245
2B – J Mauer 2 (23, Z McAllister, T Sipp); R Doumit (22, Z McAllister).
HR – J Willingham (29, 2nd inning off Z McAllister 0 on, 0 Out), J Morneau 2 (15, 2nd inning off Z McAllister 0 on, 0 Out, 4th inning off J Tomlin 1 on, 2 Out), R Doumit (12, 2nd inning off J Tomlin 2 on, 2 Out).
RBI – B Revere (23), J Mauer 3 (56), J Willingham 2 (83), J Morneau 4 (54), R Doumit 3 (55).
2-out RBI – B Revere, J Mauer 2, J Morneau 3, R Doumit 3.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – D Span 1, J Morneau 1.
GIDP – J Morneau.
Team LOB – 5.
E – T Nishioka (2, field 2); J Carroll (7, throw).
DP – 4 (J Carroll-J Morneau, J Carroll-T Nishioka-J Morneau, T Nishioka-B Dozier-J Morneau, D Butera-B Dozier-J Morneau).
J. Kipnis 2b421000100.262
A. Cabrera ss301000101.278
    B. Lillibridge lf100000000.175
S. Choo rf401000101.288
C. Santana 1b311211001.237
M. Brantley cf301000001.293
    J. Hannahan ss100000002.233
S. Duncan dh401000001.222
J. Lopez 3b402000001.249
L. Marson c300001101.250
E. Carrera lf-cf400000003.438
2B – M Brantley (33, S Diamond).
HR – C Santana (12, 6th inning off S Diamond 1 on, 2 Out).
RBI – C Santana 2 (49).
2-out RBI – C Santana 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – M Brantley 1, J Hannahan 1, S Duncan 1.
GIDP – C Santana, J Lopez, L Marson, E Carrera.
Team LOB – 6.
E – J Kipnis (4, throw).
DP – 1 (J Kipnis-J Hannahan-


S. Diamond (W, 10-5)7.07321311.172.91
J. Gray1.00001101.555.32
L. Perdomo1.01000002.623.38
Z. McAllister (L, 4-4)1.26922321.313.60
J. Tomlin3.13330121.415.82
T. Sipp1.02110101.294.97
C. Allen1.00001100.780.00
E. Rogers1.03110001.132.86
J. Smith1.00002001.193.11
WP – S Diamond.
BALK – J Smith.
Pitches-strikes – S Diamond 100-58; J Gray 16-9; L Perdomo 14-7; Z McAllister 62-38; J Tomlin 51-33; T Sipp 21-13; C Allen 23-13; E Rogers 13-8; J Smith 28-13.
Ground balls-fly balls – S Diamond 11-7; J Gray 1-2; L Perdomo 3-1; Z McAllister 5-3; J Tomlin 5-6; T Sipp 2-2; C Allen 1-1; E Rogers 4-0; J Smith 1-1.
Batters faced – S Diamond 27; J Gray 5; L Perdomo 4; Z McAllister 14; J Tomlin 13; T Sipp 5; C Allen 4; E Rogers 5; J Smith 5.



  • Dee P

    No comment.

  • clevefan4life

    So I missed the first two innings and turned it on in the 3rd, then immediately turned the Olympics on. If they thought the attendance was bad a couple months ago, just wait until the Twins and Royals pass the Indians in the standings. They claim there was 18k fans in the stands tonight. They’ll be lucky to draw 10k+ the remainder of the season.

    I wonder how bad it has to get for the Dolans to consider selling?

  • cmm13

    Ladies and Gentleman this is your Captain speaking…we have lost cabin pressure and will be deploying oxygen masks momentarily.

    Please continue to use these throughout the duration of this nosedive.

  • matt underwood

    Im scared to say ‘it can’t get much worse…’

  • So this is how the team responds right after Antonneti says Acta will be back next year. What a ringing endorsement.

  • markn95

    Cleveland Indians. “What If?”

    Check that. Cleveland Indians. “W__t _f?”

  • mgbode

    can we put laughing gas in the tanks instead?

  • Garry_Owen

    So, Hafner out with a bad back. Again. Didn’t see that coming. Oh well. It was a good run!
    (I think it might be sarcastic gas in the these here masks!)

  • Wow

    The future is so bright I need sunglasses! What if the Indians put out a major league product? Tribe’s rowdy? Acta ball? More like garbage,