Box Score: Indians 1, Mariners 3

The Indians have lost 8 in a row, which is sadly not even close to a season high.

Scoring Summary
Bot 1st: Seattle
– M. Saunders homered to deep right
Top 6th: Cleveland
– C. Kotchman singled, S. Choo scored, C. Santana to third
Bot 8th: Seattle
– E. Thames doubled to shallow right, K. Seager and J. Jaso scored, E. Thames to third on second baseman J. Kipnis’ fielding error
J. Kipnis 2b501000201.257
A. Cabrera ss400001002.279
S. Choo rf312001120.286
C. Santana dh401000213.241
M. Brantley cf301001104.292
C. Kotchman 1b202101000.238
    B. Lillibridge ph-1b100000102.188
E. Carrera lf300001005.321
J. Hannahan 3b401000103.220
L. Marson c300001101.231
D. Ackley 2b400000002.229
M. Saunders cf411110000.246
K. Seager 3b412000000.249
J. Jaso dh211002001.289
J. Montero c300001204.259
E. Thames rf401200303.256
J. Smoak 1b300001001.189
T. Robinson lf300000000.219
B. Ryan ss200001001.200
Z. McAllister6.03113411.223.50
J. Smith1.00001001.203.42
V. Pestano (L, 3-1)1.02221101.001.83
H. Iwakuma5.26113501.333.64
O. Perez (BS, 2)1.01001201.371.83
C. Capps0.21000001.933.86
C. Furbush0.00001000.802.02
S. Pryor (W, 3-0)0.20000101.152.08
T. Wilhelmsen (S, 19)1.00001101.072.37



  • markn95

    Got tix for Sat’s game vs. the Yankees. I’m as big an Indians fan as anyone but I’m actually hoping this will be the night the team clinches its second 10-game losing streak in the same month. And I don’t want to hear it from the “never root against your team” crowd. It’s all about the Big Picture. Nothing could be better IN THE LONG RUN for the Cleveland Indians for this pathetic ownership group and management team to be exposed and publicly humiliated like this. The sooner it happens, the sooner they get flushed out. I don’t care if its the Yankees, go for 10! Again!

  • Jared in LA

    This is nuts, we could possibly finish with the 2nd worst record in all of baseball. I don’t think we could catch the Astros, but with no pitching and hitting, I don’t see this getting much better besides losing streak after losing streak.

  • mgbode

    the AL West is going to give a gem of a September with how their teams are playing right now.
    (ignoring the Indians as best I can cuz it keeps getting worse)

  • Matt underwood

    I love this in a sick way. Never bought not the mirabelli, Antonetti, Shapiro regime. Always seemed too smart for their own good. Turns out they were not smart at all.

  • clevefan4life

    Sadly, I feel the exact same way. Shapiro talked to the fans through the media with an arrogance and a sense he knew more than everyone else did. He told fans to be patient because they knew they had to rebuild and had better baseball minds than those outside Cleveland Indians baseball operations. It’s never been more obvious than right now that Mark Shapiro is all talk. He’s an arrogant guy and he’s getting exactly what’s coming to him. It’s rumored that people around baseball see him exactly as he is portrayed in the movie Moneyball. The only reason other front offices like him is they get to pillage his team and farm system and he’s always too arrogant to realize he’s getting the short end of the stick.

  • mgbode

    that is patently false though. Shapiro did very well overall in trades when he was the GM. that’s the only reason that Mirabelli’s incompetence drafting was hidden so long (which is Shapiro’s fault – he should have fixed that sooner).

    Shapiro’s time as GM:
    drafting = bad
    FA acquisitions = hit or miss (and almost all decent ones were small ones that he then flipped in trades)
    trades = overall good

    Antonetti has removed the trade portion in his time and missed on his FAs. Which leaves us with the barren farm system from the years of bad drafting.

  • mgbode

    i doubt we catch the Cubs too if that is any consolation

  • clevefan4life

    Patently false. Yep, Lee & Francisco for Carrasco, Marson, Donald & Knapp looks solid.

    Phillips for Jeff Stevens is a winner

    CC trade looks great.

    Shapiro had a couple good trades, but when you give up two Cy Young winners and end up with basically nothing then you get a giant thumbs down.

  • mgbode

    CC trade sucks that LaPorta busted. we banked that trade on him. donald & marson were filler and have been. brantley was an upside hope and he’s been okay.

    sadly, Cliff Lee didn’t really get any of his teams much in terms of prospects when traded any of the 3 times. Seattle got the best prospect in Smoak, but he has underwhelmed (he makes LaPorta look like a MLBer). Carrasco very well could end up being the best player received for Cliff Lee.

    the Phillips trade was bad, no doubt. but he also got us Hafner, Choo, Asdrubal, Santana, etc.

    and while people like to downplay the Colon trade, the Expos could have given up a ton of prospects to anybody. well, Shapiro is the one that jumped on that trade.

    Look at our terrible drafting and mediocre FA signings. The only reason we had a good team from 2005-2008 were his trading efforts (yes, I know injuries derailed 2006 and we fell apart in 2008, but those were not on the FO as the talent was undoubtedly there as shown when healthy).